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Error Installing Driver For Intel Graphics UHD 770


I built a computer with an ASUS PRIME Z790-A WIFI motherboard with an Intel i9 13900K processor and an RTX3070.

When I try to install the driver for the Intel Graphics UHD 770 graphics chip it gives an error message.

Installer Exit Code: 8

I'm doing these steps:

1. Download Drive

Intel Arc - Iris.jpg


2. Driver installation.

"Something went wrong! No drivers were found that can be installed on the current device."


I will attach the IntelGFX that was generated after the installation error.
In short: It seems that the system only recognizes the RTX 3070 as a video adapter.

Adaptador de Video.jpg

The system is in Portuguese, because I'm from Brazil.
Intel Graphics UHD 770 does not appear. Is it a temporary error?

Windows 11 PRO (22h2 - Build 22621.1265)
ASUS Prime Z790-A WIFI
RTX 3070 Galax
64 Gb RAM XPG Lancer
SSD 1TB XPG S70 Blade

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Check your BIOS settings.   Some bios/motherboards disable processor graphics when a video card is installed.  See4 if your bios allows both to be active at the same time.


Doc (not an Intel employee or contractor)
[Maybe Windows 12 will be better]

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The Asus PROART Z790-CREATOR WIFI has some kind of problem with UHD 770 Graphics.

My own configuration:


Asus PROART Z790-CREATOR WIFI   (the latest 18.01 BIOS)


I can't use my PC because I can't enter BIOS.
The only message I can see on screen is:

The VGA card is not supported by UEFI driver

After connecting PCIe VGA card, there is no option to select CPU Graphics in BIOS 😞

I am looking for some kind of solution from Intel and Asus but no success in this field at the moment.

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You need to contact ASUS for help with THEIR bios.


Doc (not an Intel employee or contractor)
[Maybe Windows 12 will be better]

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ASUS support claims the problem is not on their side. They don't even know how to enable the iGPU on their own motherboard.

Is there any way to check if the iGPU UHD Graphics 770 works properly for i9-13900T CPU (the CPU cores are working fine) ?
I don't have an access to another hardware to replace some parts and check other motherboards (especially from other manufacturers - because ASUS is not trustworthy any more).

I can install software on linux or windows operating systems to check the CPU and iGPU (I can't enable iGPU on motherboard BIOS - there is no such option for PROART Z790-CREATOR WIFI Bios 1801 - so the firmware should be installed for OS as well)

I have attached screenshots from BIOS for CPU settings. Maybe someone will see something unusual.

Thanks in advance for the answer.

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