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Error Message: Computer Manufacturer Graphics Driver Detected



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I have tried deleting the driver and support assistant app, updated my nvidia graphics with clean install, attempting to delete the temp files but i couldnt find the exact files. Im having a hard time here getting this to update. Any and all help will be appreciated. I went acer and downloaded all of their INTEL specific drivers except the VGA ones and still no luck! What is going on with my system.


I updated the intel graphic drivers in device manager accidentally, i revoked it and went back to original driver think that was the problem and still no luck. I did delete the old intel control center and downloaded the new intel graphic command center. I dont know what to do... Please help me..

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You have a laptop. Do not use Intel Driver & Support Assistant ​with laptops. Do not download any drivers from the Intel site, especially graphics. Use only drivers found on the Acer site. The error message is trying to warn you about this.


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