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Feature Request: A770 enable vulkan "shaderStorageImageMultisample" to be able to run X-Plane 12


Hi all,

My first post got flagged as spam for some reason, so I'm trying again.

I recently built a system with an Arc A770 card.  I'm running driver  I really like the card and its performance.  The only issue I'm having is I can't even install X-Plane 12.  The installer log shows "Failed to initialize vulkan" due to a lack of support for "shaderStorageImageMultisample" which apparently is required to even install X-Plane 12, let alone run it.  I was running with the same result.  Is there any plan to implement this feature in a future driver, or any kind of work-around?  From what I've read on forums, X-Plane (Laminar Research) has no intention to work on fixing this issue.   I really hope there's something Intel can do with the driver to allow this feature.

Please see the attached install log for details.

Thanks much,


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