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Fortnite states graphics driver has known issues


Hi, so I was playing fortnite, and the game recently stopped working for me. An error message popped up stating that my graphics drivers had known issues and that I should update to the latest one. When I go to the Intel page to update my drivers, it states that there's no update available.


My laptop runs on an 8th gen i5 core. It says I'm on an Intel(R) UHD Graphics 620

It's recommending that I update to, but I can't find that download on the website. When I ignore the message, the game proceeds to load, freeze, and then the application hangs. Any help would be welcome, I'm not great with computers so this is all very confusing to me.

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First of all, it is recommended that you stick with the graphics driver packages provided by your laptop manufacturer. This is because the laptop manufacturers will often modify the driver to support certain special features of the laptop (hot keys, focus/brightness controls, etc.). Loading a newer, Intel-generic driver could break these special features. If you need a newer driver release, it is thus best to ask your laptop manufacturer for a newer version that has their modifications.

If you do not care about these special features and want to get the absolute latest drivers available, you can download these by opening and clicking on Graphics. The top entry in the list produced is usually for the latest available driver package. Click on its View Details button and you should see the link(s) for downloading the package. I suggest you make sure you read its Release Notes before committing to a package.

Hope this helps,


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