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Games that uses DirectX 12 forgets about shader caches

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I have this problem for 2 years on Fortnite DirectX 12 where the shader cache needs to be recompiled everytime I close and then relaunch the game. On Warframe, it's the same but not like Fortnite, it's more like some shader caches need to do that and not everything, but it still does do that sometimes. Both of them have DirectX 12 currently in beta.

Too much stuttering, also crashes when playing a video inside a game and corrupted shader caches.

Also does this on my previous Intel 10th gen Intel UHD graphics laptop.

Clean installing the graphics drivers didn't fix the issue.

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Actually, DirectX 12 in Fortnite is improved. Still not perfect but better than last time, probably with the latest Intel graphics driver or the recent game update?

Without the pandemic and the stress? that came with it, problems like these would be resolved faster. Really sucks for you to keep getting fed up with these issues for a long time, so do I.
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I see, well yes I guess. But they could've acknowledged it in the least but yes, the covid stuff should have been tiring for the devs, we don't see what they see. I guess we'll have to wait for some time then.

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Hey @Xillvion 


Would you mind checking your processor via this tool: Intel processor diagnostic tool 

Although the tool is by intel, I'd recommend letting it run through a strong anti virus before using it. There's always a chance for the processor to wear down after a while, and it could be why the stuttering occurs. Fortnite as I've mentioned before in another post has hitches in performance mode because of a driver issue. Although it shouldn't lag in DX12. Destiny 2 has often lagged and most including me get around 40 fps on 1920 x 1080 and the lowest settings possible. Warframe was having stutters using the older graphic drivers but the newest versions seem to have fixed it slightly. The graphics card is able to achieve 70 fps with random hitches. Talking about roblox, it should work fine on the lowest settings possible with no stutters. But since you are having such problems, I would say that it could be a possible memory leak or a hardware damage. Also roblox is capped by default so fps might not go above a specific limit. If you want, you could try it out with Arsenal since it has an in game fps shower by default. Wouldn't recommend using other programs to check the fps since they could reduce performance.

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Ran that tool and everything passed. There's no way the CPU is already wearing out that fast...

Fortnite in DirectX 12 is still not stable, but playable somewhat. Yes, Roblox does work very well, even on the lowest graphical settings, and I can just use the (legally) popular FPS unlocker tool to get higher framerates. Roblox actually has it's own detailed performance overlay, mostly for game developers to use, if you do Ctrl+F6, Shift+F5 and Shift+F2.

There's actually a memory leak coming from the Windows Explorer process, it will not go down unless I reinstall the graphics driver. Nobody can replicate the problem however.


The best option is to contact the OEM for further troubleshooting. We could not replicate the problem, and this seems to be an issue with something specific on your system triggering that behavior, but not the driver.

We do not recommend any specific software games or applications, and we recommend getting the games from official distribution services like Steam, EA, etc. On the other hand, we recommend checking the ReleaseNotes_101.1660 for the latest drivers to check for any known issues with certain games or apps:


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