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Graphics issue with HP Envy x360. Have to disable and then re-enable driver to get it to work


I have an HP Envy x360 15m-ed0xxx laptop with Intel UHD graphics and Windows 11. I'm having an issue that only seems to happen when I use the laptop in "tent" mode (screen is upside down). I first noticed that when watching Youtube videos on Chrome, there would be a flickering or completely blacked out section on the upper 2 or so inches of the screen (closest to the hinge). I thought that this was a driver issue and that it was resolved by installing a newer driver from the Intel Driver and Support assistant, but I'm still having this issue, although now the screen just turns completely black in tent mode. If I disable, and then re-enable the driver it seems to "fix" the issue, but it comes back after every restart (and possibly after waking from sleep, I haven't tested that yet). Any advice is appreciated. Thanks

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You need to be discussing this with HP, and you need to use their driver, not the Intel generic driver.


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[Maybe Windows 12 will be better]

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