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HD Graphics 630 w/ ACAD Architecture

I have the Intel HD Graphics 630 on my DELL XPS15 9560 and use AutoCAD Architecture 2017.

My question: I get a Notification that states, "You can improve graphics performance by turning Hardware Acceleration on." But, when I click on Graphics Performance, Hardware Acceleration doesn't let me turn this ON.

My computer also shows it has the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050. Would I need to somehow use the NVIDIA graphics card as the primary graphics card? If so, how would I select the NVIDIA as the primary?

I've attached two pics. One showing the Notification and the other showing the graphics cards in the DELL.

Thanks for the help,


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Hello, Ryan_K. Thank you very much for contacting the Intel Communities Team. I will be more than happy to assist you.



Let me start by mentioning that we do not support the AutoCAD Architecture 2017 software as a result, please contact the developer of this tool to double check why you are not able to activate the Hardware Acceleration from the tool.


Then, you should be able to activate the Hardware Acceleration for the Intel® HD Graphics from any software or application that supports it.



Regarding your inquiry about which graphics controller should be used: that will depend on the use you will give to your system. If you will play a high demand video game or video editing, it will be better to use the NVIDIA* controller. On the other hand, if you are going just to search for something on your browser, watch YouTube* videos or safe power it will be better to use the Intel® HD Graphics 630 controller. Additionally, for you to change from the Intel® HD Graphics controller to the NVIDIA* one, you can change it by following these instructions:


1. Right-click on the desktop and select NVIDIA Control Panel.


2. Click Manage 3D settings in Select a Task.


3. Select your desired software from the Select a program to customize drop-down list on the Program settings tab.


4. Select the High-performance NVIDIA processor from the Select the preferred graphics processor for this program drop-down list.


5. Click Apply.



Antony S.
Community Manager

Hello, Ryan_K.



I would like to know if you have additional questions. If so, do not hesitate to reply to this thread.




Antony S.