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Help with Dual Monitors resolution display




Issue: Trying to display dual monitors at 1920x1080 but only one monitor is at that resolution level while another is at 1024x768. Can't change it under intel command center >> custom resolution as error msg, "Unable to add settings. Reason: Bad parameters"


Device: Monitors: PRSIM+ W240 (only supports VGA/HDMI connection), Desktop: Dell Inspiron 3910 MT, Intel UHD Graphics 770. 


Another point is that because the desktop only has one HDMI and displayport, main monitor is connected via HDMI, displaying 1920x1080 fine while the other is connected via a VGA to displayport adaptor which currently displays at 1024x768. Doubt is the VGA connection that's causing the resolution mismatch but thought would mention it anyway.


Question: Is the issue due to the fact that Intel UHD Graphics 770 is unable to maintain two monitors at 1920x0180 resolution? And if so what be the solution? (Getting another graphics card instead?)


Thank y'all good folks for the help in advance.



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Intel UHD Graphics 770 is perfectly capable of supporting three monitors running 2160p (4K) or two monitors running 4320p (8K), so supporting two 1080p monitors should be a walk in the park for it. No, the issue is going to be with the PC and its connections.

DP-to-VGA adapters are notorious for either not working or for causing issues, so I would bet that it is your adapter. My guidance for interface selection is, in order, DP, HDMI, DVI and, as last resort, VGA. In your case, with only HDMI and VGA interfaces available at the monitor, I would be using the HDMI interface. Consequently, I recommend that you purchase a good quality DP-to-HDMI adapter/cable to connect the second monitor. Here are some examples: 

Hope this helps,


P.S. Note I used the word 'examples'. I have not tried these particular adapters/cables and thus I cannot endorse them.


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