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How To Fix/Ressolve Abnormal Display After Intel(R) HD Graphics installation..???


Without GMA driver, my PC displays smooth(ish), huge blurred fonts, & it's out of focus (since no GMA Driver installed), resolution is reduced, windows so BIG with little tiles in them, the whole thing hurts my eyes.


So after installation of a GMA driver, everything is smooth, vibrant, colorful, sharp, & suddenly these horizontal (Green, Yellow & Red - mostly Green) lines appear & disappear (flashing if I may) over & over. It's almost as though I am seeing the raw graphic data & how these graphics are made.


Like there are boxes on the login screen where time lies, weird diagonal lines on the GMA Properties window, & transparent images etc. have these dots on the dark/transparent/translucent areas etc., until I open apps like VLC Player, Movies & TV, Windows Media Player, & online players like YouTube, but only in full screen. It diesappears when in full screen even when I'm gaming, but sometimes it flashes here & there with the game graphics torn (or with black dots & other discoloring).


This could just be my hardware but it seizes to exist without driver so could be it, only there is no update anywhere for it. I don't know what is going on. Anyone with an idea?


My Device Specs:

ThinkPad Edge 15/E50

Genuine Intel

Windows 10 Pro 64bit

1809 Build 17763.379

Intel Core i5-560M @ 2.66 GHz

Intel HD Graphics (26.Nov.2012/3)

SK Hynix 4096 MB (DDR3-1600) - SN:0F5799E6 PN:HMT351S6CFR8C-PB RAM


C Marx C


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Your processor and graphics are not supported on Windows 10.


You need to upgrade to a new(er) laptop/desktop.





Al.Hill. thanks for the reply.

Maybe, could be.

Even on Windows 8/8.1, same arbnormal display. But on Windows 7, this all goes away when I disable Desktop composition/Windows Aero.

Besides, I had not such a problem before for about a year.

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Your processor and graphics are from 2010, and long out of support.


For windows 10, this is simply no support.


Time to upgrade/replace what you have.