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How can I restore the graphics profile from man.igpi by cmd?

I use the UHD630 in Win10x64. I saved the cloning(not extending), STRETCHED and resolution to a file as C:\users\admin\intelgraphicprofiles\ from the controlpannel of Intel graphic.

However, My computer is restored,that means the partition C: will be retored while each windows booting.

I hope that the graphic control pannel can load the while each booting, for example using cmd.

Could you help me?

Thank you very much!

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You mean that you have a read-only boot image? Before locking this image down, run the Control Panel and set the hardware configuration (with regards to scaling and format). In theory, the image, even if never changed again, should boot you properly into this configuration (i.e. you should not need the configuration restored from this file). Are you saying this isn't occurring?



Thank you!

You are so clever! We can make the image, It means that we can't edit the partition C:. We can save the graphics controlpannel setting with the two monitores in the partition C:.

However, when the C: image deliver to other machines that will connect other monitores(especially other length-width ratio), the default setting of graphics controlpannel from the image will be not effected.

So, I hope that I can run a cmd to making the graphics controlpannel loading the man.igpl at each the Windows booting​

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I have to ask: Why do you need to do this at all? When a new monitor is introduced, it is supposed to automatically support the default configuration specified in the monitor's EDID data. What is it that makes you want to do any more than this?