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How does one get the DisplayPort port to work on a Dell e6510 Latitude?


Hard to tell what chipset I have, as Intel's support assistant says I don't have any intel software on my machine, but I clearly have Intel HD Graphics running v8.15.10.2900 dated 11/26/2012 and a Core i5 M520 CPU running Windows 10 Pro 64. So, whatever that means. My problem is, the e6510 has a DisplayPort port on it, which apparently doesn't want to play with the brand new Dell monitor I just got that also has a DisplayPort. No matter what I do, I cannot get the new monitor to see a signal from the DP out of the laptop. Dell doesn't have any updated drivers, and they pointed me to Intel. But Intel's tool doesn't tell me what chipset I have. So how do I know what graphics driver to look at to see if mine is up to date?

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I am sorry, but this processor is not supported on Windows 10. Intel provides no drivers. Microsoft's Basic compatibility driver should support it, but they offer no support it there are connection issues.


I wish I had a better answer; replacing this laptop may be something to seriously consider (it is 10 years old).


Reality bites,