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How to achieve 4k 60 Hz output through USB C from notebook?


I am using a Dell Precision 5550 (I assume similar to this configuration) and have a USB-C Dock (link to German product page on Amazon) connected to it that claims to be able to output 4k 60 Hz content via HDMI. The monitor connected to the HDMI port of that dock is also capable of 4k 60 Hz and I use the included HDMI cable of that monitor, so that should also be capable of handling that.

Unfortunately I only get 30 Hz at 4k resolution, which is sadly quite noticeable.

Is there a way to get 60 Hz output with this combination? Or is the Intel UHD graphics solution of that processor ( just not capable of that? Also, there is an Nvidia Quadro T2000 built in, but afaik it is not possible to use that instead for video output to external monitors?

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In my humble opinion it depends on the processor installed


"(Für die 4K-Videoausgabe muss der Host DP1.2 und höher unterstützen. Wenn Sie 4K @ 60Hz-Video ausgeben möchten, benötigen Sie einen DP1.4-Host.)"



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Let me explain why this is happening...

  • The processor in question supports multiple DisplayPort 1.2 streams and each can support the data transmission necessary for 4K@60Hz.
  • One of these DisplayPort channels is connected to the USB-C (or Thunderbolt) controller.
  • USB-C supports four channels for data transmission. If DisplayPort has access to all four of these channels, it can support the transmission necessary for 4K@60Hz.
  • The problem is that, if the downstream device supports other USB devices as well as DisplayPort, one of the channels has to be dedicated to USB data transmission. This results in DisplayPort having access to only two of the data channels. This cuts the data transmission in half and this means that only 4K@30Hz can be supported.

 Now, if you had a processor that supported DisplayPort 1.4 (and the corresponding USB-C implementation), which can support 8Kat60Hz, you would be still be able to support 8Kat30Hz or 4Kat60Hz because a higher data transmission rate can be achieved per USB-C channel. Unfortunately, you don't.

Sorry, you are going to be stuck with 4K@30Hz if you stick with this docking station.


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