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How to check if an integrated graphics card (Intel UHD Graphics 730) is compatible with a dell baseb


I have an Inspiron 3891 and windows 11. Baseboard 1200 LGA socket and BIOS is 1.4.1. BIOS update via the dell site was successful. The LGA1200 socket is compatible with both Core i3-10105 and Core i5-11400.

Intent: To swap the Core i3-10105 cpu that came with the Inspiron 3891 for a Core i5-11400 (because I have already increased the RAM to max (64) and I did not notice a "speed" improvement).

Both CPUs use integrated graphics cards. The i3-10105 uses the integrated Intel UHD Graphics 630 chipset and the i5-11400 uses integrated graphics Intel UHD Graphics 730 chipset. I suspect this is where my problem lies. Have I read these specs wrong? The machine is fully powered off during installation.

When I boot up the machine I receive a black screen. The fan revs up. I see the message to check either my HDMI Cable or my graphics card and that the monitor will go to sleep.

If the CPUs have integrated graphics cards, could the problem be a graphics card (and I read on the Intel's site wrong)? Completely out of ideas now...

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You need to check with Dell to determine if the i5-11400 is compatible with their bios.   Socket compatibility is not enough.


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