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How to disable or hide the intel graphic command center from Start menu in Windows 10?


After installaing the latest graphic driver, we could see a start menu icon added named " Intel Graphic Command Center " which when cliked is redirecting to Micorosft App store.  

I being an IT support person want to disable the intel graphic command center start menu icon for all the end users. 

Wanted to know how can we do that?  

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I can see where access to the app store would be a very concerning thing to IT folks, but I am afraid you are not going to avoid it. You absolutely need this application in order to support the configuration of all monitors in desktop designs and secondary monitors in laptop designs. At the same time, Microsoft has made it a requirement that this configuration process be decoupled from driver installation and required that this configuration be done from an app that is downloaded via the app store. Frankly, I would like to see an explanation from Microsoft on how IT will protect systems considering these requirements...




Sorry, But I'm absolutely sure that I will never need it and I still haven't install anything coming from Windows Store!

In fact I didn't even know it came from windows store.

I Am also very sure that I don't need Inter Graphics Command Center in my PC since I am not even using the GPU from CPU. I have my own dedicated graphic card and its own control panel!

You see, the problem is I can't even find how it is installed to remove it. There is no software or update or in fact driver in my system that I can remove to remove this thing!


However Unfortunately I can see how this apps are developed and installed in users PC, just based on a assumptions that seems true to some managers in some organization.