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How to fix OpenGL and Shader Model problem?

I have Intel G31 Express Family Chipset Intergrated Graphics.

I have already installed the latest update.

The problem is whenever I run any game which requires OpenGL or Shader Model, it doesn't run. Either it say that it requires a hardware that supports Shader Model 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, etc. or just Crashes.


Even if I run Counter Strike 1.6, it starts, but if I set its video settings to OpenGL, it crashes.

And if I try to run Narnia it give a dialog box saying thisCapture.PNG

but I already have Shader Model 3.0

And if I run Left4Dead2 then it don't shows the gameplay properly

( 2 or 3 Frames per second with no shades & shadows and absent textures in between).

However normal video watching is fine but only below the resolution of 1080p.


All the above cases are with least video performance settings.


But I found another strange thing that if I disable my Video Adapter Driver from here



then the game Narnia Starts but it still gives 2 or 3 FPS.



Please help me I have searched the whole internet and I haven't found any solution to this problem. This place is my last hope...

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Intel is no longer supporting any of the chipset-based graphics solutions (or the first or second generations of processor-based graphics, for that matter). While Microsoft has compatibility drivers that allow Windows to run on this older hardware, these drivers are provided as-is and no issue resolution is being offered. The only solution to your issues is to get (much) more-modern hardware.




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