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How to “shutdown” or “disable” an HDMI port on Windows?


My objective is to power on my projector automatically.

My projector can power on automatically :

  • at computer startup (restart doesnt effect)
  • plugin the HDMI cable (after unplug)

Windows+P doesn't power on the projector.

I hope that if I can disable/re-enable the HDMI port (simulate unplug/plug) then the projector power on. I want to do it by command line.

I didn't find any method on WMI classes: WmiMonitorBasicDisplayParams, Win32_Desktopmonitor, Win32_VideoController

I can find the port like this

gwmi -class Win32_Portconnector | ? ExternalReferenceDesignator -like '*hdmi*'

Computer :

  • Windows 10 x64
  • Motherboard => Asus
  • HDMI => projector
  • VGA => LCD
  • Graphic card => Intel HD 4400
  • Drivers =>
  • Screen mode => duplicate

Projector : Optoma WU334 (connected on MHL HDMI port).


Thanks for reading me

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CBEAU8, Thank you for posting in the Intel® Communities Support.


In reference to your question, if there is an option to disable/re-enable the HDMI port on the computer using the command line, that information will be provided by Microsoft, since that option will be related to the Operating System itself.


So the best thing to do now will be to get in contact directly with them for them to provide further suggestions on this topic and to confirm if that option is available:



Alberto R.


Intel Customer Support Technician

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