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Inspiron 7567 laptop built-in screen and keyboard backlight not working as soon as I install Intel HD 630 graphics drivers



I recently opened up my 3yr old laptop to replace the thermal paste with Arctic MX4 due to overheating and thermal throttling issues (~97deg C) and it worked like a charm, lowered the temps from 97degC to 73degC (Max)

For a couple of days, everything was fine and suddenly my USB port started having some power surge issue on the left side which has a USB 3.0 and an SD card reader which is attached to the MB via a ribbon connector, I checked online and it was temporarily fixed.

Then out of the blue, while I was playing Over Watch game yesterday, the laptop built-in screen and keyboard back-light stopped working. I was using 2 displays setup (Secondary 720p Monitor via an HDMI to VGA adapter) and the whole in-built display got shifted to the secondary monitor. I was startled by the effect and stopped the game immediately.

I rebooted and the laptop built-in screen shows the dell logo (keyboard back-light doesn't work at all) and when the windows 10 boot up the screen is not working at all. But the display is being projected on to my secondary monitor. As soon as I uninstall Intel HD 630 graphics and reboot, display works fine.

I am just worried if I just leave this it might result in a bigger issue causing some kind of tragic explosion or something. I do a lot of research work (Ton of numerical simulations; CAD Designing and Gaming) and the data is precious for me.

I tried hardware diagnostics, display tests and a whole lot of troubleshooting. Laptop built-in screen is fine, passed all the hardware tests and the built-in color tests.

I rechecked all the cables, everything is good. CPU/ GPU performance is better than ever.

Updated all the drivers/ BIOS/ chip-set/ Serial I/O

My laptop is out of warranty for 2 years and I have no idea what to do. I checked everything.

Laptop built-in screen is not even showing up in the settings>display tab. Only the secondary monitor is showing up as Nvidia is used for the external monitor.

GPU is fine. I can still game on it. But the laptop screen is not working. It's hard for me to carry it somewhere to work and can't work on it.


Please help, right now not even stores are open and I have some important work to do regarding my master's degree admits and certifications.

I really appreciate any help


TLDR: Laptop in-built screen and keyboard back-light not working as I install Intel HD630 graphics drivers after re-pasting the thermal compound on to CPU and GPU on my Inspiron 7567 laptop (3yrs old). No Hardware problem as per diagnostics and troubleshooting.



1. I can use the laptop with Microsoft Adaptive drivers but I am just anxious if it leads to any bigger problem.

2. Is there any possibility that I might had put little too much thermal paste making it spread out of the die a little bit. I did spread it with a tissue to make sure I didn't put too much and took out all the extra on the edges. Just wondering if I have to reopen the MB and take out some of the thermal compound.

3. I did a clean OS re-installation, it didn't help.

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Please download and run the Intel System Support Utility for Windows and save the report to a file. Then, using the paperclip icon below the edit window, upload and attach this file to a response post.



Thank you for the response

Here is the log file


--Sreekar Reddy

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It sounds like that issue with USB3 may have been a precursor to this more-major hardware failure. It would seem to be a failure of the display circuitry. There is the possibility that a ribbon cable connector or something similar has come apart inside the laptop. You may want to take the covers off and check this out (as you say, it's not like you have a warranty to worry about).



Thank you very much for the response

That might be self inflicted. Can I do anything now to avoid any further damage? I understand which cable is causing this.


  1. Would it be fine to use the laptop using external monitor for about 2 weeks or is there a possibility something might go wrong?
  2. Will the motherboard replacement fixes the issue?

I am sorry these are bad questions but if you have any idea please respond, I am worried about the condition of the laptop. I am getting a replacement motherboard soon.

I wonder how this issue is not detected in the boot diagnostics


Right now just for reference

  1. Laptop built-in screen is not working after win 10 boots up
  2. Keyboard backlight not working
  3. Middle cell of 3 cells in the battery is swollen (I'm replacing battery as well)
  4. Sometimes touch-pad doesn't work but after reboot it works fine


Awaiting your response

Thank you very much for your help


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Well, my only concern with continuing to use it is with regards to this bulging battery, which could result in fire or even explosion. If you remove the battery, will this laptop let you continue to run on external power? If so, I would do this (you are tied down with external monitor anyway).