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Integrated GPU being used more than dedicated GPU


I am using a HP Pavilion Power Laptop with an integrated GPU-Intel HD Graphics 630 and a dedicated GPU-NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 with an Intel i7 7700HQ processor.

I bought this laptop back in 2016 and never really used it for heavy gaming. But this quarantine, I got into intense gaming and started playing games like CS:GO, Valorant, GTA V and Hitman. However, I noticed I was getting really low FPS on all the games, avg. 80FPS. Opening up the task manager I noticed that my CPU was being run at avg. 55% with Intel GPU at avg. 50% and NVIDIA GPU at avg. 5%. I feel like the NVIDIA GPU is being drastically underused and using it properly can give me better performance output.

I tried updating the drivers, tweaking every possible setting on the NVIDIA Control Panel, launching the game through the NVIDIA GeForce Experience and still the NVIDIA is barely being used at all. I even tried disabling the Intel Graphics adapter and running the games. And still, the NVIDIA was at 0% (for god's sake) while my CPU was at 100%. I really don't understand what I'm missing, is there a way to direct the processing power from the Intel GPU to the NVIDIA GPU? Is the Intel GPU preventing my NVIDIA GPU from being heavily used? Or is this normal?

Any advice/suggestion would be appreciated. Thank You.

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Have you asked nvidia about their driver?

Are you using BOTH the nvidia and intel drivers as supplied by HP?  If not, you should.


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