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Intel 520 Windows Hardware Error


V25.20.100.6576 works fine and always has.

V26.20.100.6859 and V26.20.100.6913 from Lenovo produce many (daily) Windows Hardware Error in Reliability Monitor

I get this


A problem with your hardware caused Windows to stop working correctly.

Problem signature

Problem Event Name: LiveKernelEvent

Code: 141

Parameter 1: ffffc78e27af0010

Parameter 2: fffff8023f7997d0

Parameter 3: 0

Parameter 4: 42b8

OS version: 10_0_18362

Service Pack: 0_0

Product: 256_1

OS Version: 10.0.18362.

Locale ID: 1033


The Graphics driver conflicts with Office, Adobe, Snagit and much other software.


Lenovo Vantage tries to force the update leaving my computer a mess.


Please provide a new, high quality, not broken Intel HD 520 graphics driver

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  1. Is this a PC or a laptop?
  2. If this is a laptop, does it have dual graphics (i.e. does it have both Intel HD Graphics (which is built into the processor) and an NVIDIA or AMD HD Graphics chip)?
  3. What processor does this system have?
  4. What is the Windows 10 version number? It should be a number like 18362.239.


If this is a laptop, you should be getting your drivers from Lenovo.



  1. This is a Laptop. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon
  2. .No, not dual graphics. Just one screen and one GPU
  3. .Intel i7 6600 CPU
  4. Windows 10 V1903 18362.239
  5. Drivers ONLY from Lenovo.


I have V25.20.100.6576, V26.20.100.6859 and V26.20.100.6913 drivers here on the machine to install (all from the Lenovo Support site foe my machine).


The V26 drivers (labeled for Kaby Lake). My CPU is Skylake U/Y


Hopefully the above helps. The V25 driver works fine. So I am trying to stay with this driver.



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There is something we're missing here. There are plenty of people that are using these newer drivers without issue. What have you done (perhaps inadvertently/unknowingly) that is making this combination cause WHEA errors?


Have you looked to see if there is a similar report in the Microsoft database?


Are you in a position where you can reinstall Windows 10 from scratch? This may be the only way to get this working properly...



Intel Video Drivers from 2016 (new computer) to now V25 have worked with out error.


After the Windows Hardware Error, I did a Windows 10 Repair Install with no relief about the error.


Since the machine works perfectly in every respect, then I would be reluctant to wipe away 3 years of work to see if maybe possibly reinstall might fixe the issue


V25 works fine so that is what I am using for the next while.






I am looking at the Lenovo Download Support site for my specific laptop.


V25.20.100.6576 is marked Critical and I have this one installed - trouble-free

V26.20.100.6913 is marked only Recommended.


VV26.20.100.6859 is no longer on offer (replaced by the newer recommended driver) but V25 remains on offer as Critical.


So I do not think Lenovo believes the new driver is problem-free, at least with their other software.


V25 is working fine.




After some effort on my part, this issue may finally be resolved. The answer is in my first post.


Windows Update Catalogue updated the driver to newest. At the same time I used Glary Utilities (highly trustworthy) to check updates and discovered that Snagit had a very new version available. Even Snagit update could not find it. I downloaded it, installed it, did a fresh restart and no Intel Driver hardware errors since.


Thank you for you assistance and know that the underlying issue here was Snagit.