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Intel FSP Integration with custom Hypervisor for Graphics Initialization

I am trying to integrate Intel FSP with Type-1 custom Hypervisor. Actually my FSP calling scenario is little different. When Windows guest call "Restart" service, Hypervisor has to call FSP Silicon Initialization API within FSP in order to re-initialize the devices specially Graphics Controller (as manually powering up HD Graphics controller is pity trivial task). I have ported FSP within Hypervisor but as soon as I call it, system gets corrupt which was very much expected. I have couple of questions to ask:


Q-1 There are few FSP calling conditions, about two of them I am not sure enough if they are fulfilling. How can I make sure that following two conditions are meetings? Is there any assembly instruction in order to have a quick check?

1) System should be in flat 32-bit mode

2) Code and data selectors should have full 4GB access range.


Q-2 Can anybody tell me how much doable is this task?

I mean FSP is not meant to be treated like, but i have no other choice other than following FSP approach for Initialization of Graphics subsystem. I tried manual Graphics setting up but I could not power up the graphics controller after reset.


Q-3 Is there any alternative approach I can try for this specific task other than FSP?

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amhamza93, Thank you for posting in the Intel® Communities Support. In order to get the most accurate response, please submit your inquiry in our Intel® Resouce and Design Center, once you signin you will be able to submit your inquiry: Regards, Alberto R. Intel Customer Support Technician Under Contract to Intel Corporation