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Intel GPU driver bug since around 1 year


I don't own the product, so i can only say what others told me, after i told them what todo:

Intel graphics from gen 6 to newest have a strange freeze bug, with older and newer drivers in an OpenGL application.

To explain what happens:
They play the game, and it eventually freezes while playing after a while, the game itself still runs, we ran debuggers(since its an open source game) and even the graphic thread still worked, it just went black and/or was flashing.

This happens only on Intel hardware and only with Gen 6 or newer and also ONLY on windows.


Some devs have intel and run it fine on Linux.

There is no easy way to reproduce it, what we came up with is this:
Open DDNet ( or from steam

Make sure OpenGL version is set to GL 3.0, by pressing F1 -> gfx_opengl_major 3;gfx_opengl_minor 0
restart the game

Go on a server with the map "Multeasymap", turn on game layer rendering by pressing Page Up

now from the most right of the spawn point go to the second gab and jump a few times, and it eventually freezed. Some could reproduce it with the standard Windows driver, but not with the newest, HOWEVER even with the newest drivers it happened, just more random.


Sadly OpenGL on DirectX 12(Microsoft mesa implementation) doesnt work on Intel either, so we dont have a work around other than setting GL to 1.x


The devs assume it might be related to 2D Array textures, which is a relative new feature to solve mipmap and texture bleeding in a tileset(which are not active in the GL 1.x context, which might explain the above)


I hope someone from the driver team can solve the issues.

Thanks in advance

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