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Intel Graphics Command Center does what it wants in terms of Network usage, Start-up with windows and Power plan configuration


Hello Community!


I am here for the first time. I´d like first to thank you since lot of posts here helped me for the configuration of my NUC8i3BEH. Iam really happy with the devide.


Recently I updated the graphics driver to latest version. After a reboot the Graphic Command Center was downloaded and installed automatically. I was happy about it in the beginning. Not anymore due to following issues:


  • It consumes a lot of network data according to manager task (in the last 6 hous around 18mb. I tried to block it in the Windows 10 Firewall (allow an application trough Firewall Menu) but it is still consuming data.
  • Next thing I tried was to disable the start-up with windows in the manager task . It starts up anyway. I looked for it in msconfig and found Intel HD Graphics Control Panel Service instead. I disabled it. But Intel Command Graphics Center is still running with windows.
  • I read here a post about the same issue but the post was not solved. The issue: I set up my configuration of energy to get a High Performance by editing an energy plan. Inside this I mark to have also high performance in graphics. When I reboot it shows either balanced again or high performance. But in this last case it eventually goes back to balance after running the only game I installed (GTA V). In my Graphics Center there is no options of Power (I believe since my computer has no batteries) so I couldn configurate anything.


I already uninstalled the Intel Command Graphics Center and installed it again through Microsoft Store but same results.


About my PC:

NUC8i3BEH, 16 Gb RAM, M.2 860 Samsung EVO

Windows 10 1903

Bios Version: BECFL357.86A.0051.2018.1015.1513

Intel iris graphics 655 driver version:


Is Intel Graphics Command Center necessary? Is it not enough with the driver? Anyway with the recommended configuration for GTA V in Graphics Center the game doesnt start and shows an error so I have to lower this recommended settings so it can run. So it doesnt seem to help.


Im sorry I wrote so much. I thank you people for your comments!

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hello, regarding your last point I have the same issue: it is the setting set in the intel GUI which dictates after a reboot the power plan for the gpu. the windows setting is erased after a reboot.


here is my message




Thanks KLope for your fast answer, merci. First of all I´d like to correct something I wrote wrong in the first place: The Power plan goes back to balanced after I open the Intel Graphics Command Center and not after I open the game (when I open the game it stays in high performance). Also when I meant network usage I mean having consumption of data withouth having the game or video opened, just by using the browser


I read the post you linked. The thing is I dont get this Power options Menu in the IGCC since the PC doesn´t have batteries (my guess). So I can only set it up in Windows Energy Plan. The way to keep this in high performance seems to be not opening the IGCC or setting this up every time you open this software. I found a way to keep the Power energy for Graphics in High Performance and not getting network usage: Uninstall IGCC and installing it again. What I did is not opening this Software a first time so I dont accept the software policy. The result: it doesn´t show up on task manager, there´s also no consumption of data anymore.


This works, but I can not use the IGCC at all (if I want to keep this set up). That´s why maybe someone comes up with a solution which allows me to have the control of the software.


Thanks a lot



hi i checked and when i modify the power plan in intel GUI, for ac power, it is this registry key which is modified


but this is just the windows power plan [my plan is custom so it gets custom number]


then i close the intel GUi and this is the registry key changed

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\HostActivityManager\CommitHistory\AppUp.IntelGraphicsExperience_8j3eq9eme6ctt!App

and for system my value is 1400000 [hexa] [always fixed when i change the power plan in tel GUI] so the setting is probably worthless

for mixed it is 7e8cd4d [hexa] and this is for ''battery power'' with ''max battery life''+''ac power'' on ''max performance''] [apprently both settings are mixed, ie battery power and ac power are not separated in the registry]


this is for driver version



i checked the network consumption for the intel GUi and it is 30MB over 1 day.



if you want windows to stick on a power rplan, you can create a .cmd

and then make a task in task manager to run this task of applying this power plan each 1 minute


Thanks KLope for the comment!


Unfortunately I dont know that much about registry keys (less about modifying them) so I barely understand what you are trying to do. For me the Powerplan according to windows stays in high performance as long I dont open IGCC.


In my case, Im not so sure anymore that the high performance works better with my PC and this high-consuming CPU game (GTA 5). At the beginning it runs smoother but after an hour or so playing, performance goes down (fps goes down easier). I have the impression that with a balanced mode it takes more time for this performance drop. I have also heat issue in my processor so after I get my unit repaired/replaced I will check the performance again.



Hello all, 


We would like to update this thread.


The (IGCC) Intel® Graphics Command Center's network usage is framed only within telemetry and updates specifically:

  1. Data usage should be limited to auto-downloads of new game optimizations that are constantly created by Intel, allowing the user to toggle in-game optimized settings off/on with the touch of a button
  2. Data collection is limited to anonymous button-click counts only, to be used to improve user experience and learn where to add additional features.



  • What would you consider as an acceptable or normal network usage and why is the current value above your expectations? Your opinion is important to us and we can consider it for future improvements.
  • Thank you for your feedback on Intel Graphics Command Center.


We will try to answer the following questions:

  1. Is Intel Graphics Command Center necessary? - Yes and no. To better explain myself, you'll need IGCC if you want to use advanced features on your graphics controller (color correction, video enhancement, update refresh rate, custom modes, etc) but if all you do is gaming and you set your own game settings then I guess you can go without it.
  2. Is it not enough with the driver? - I think it is the same answer as above.


Regarding the issues with the Power options in IGCC, we suggest that you submit a new question to better address this problem.


Wanner G.

Intel Customer Support Technician

A Contingent Worker at Intel


Hallo Wanner!


Thank you for the comment.


If the data download is used only for game optimisations I should see an improve after a couple of hundred of MB transfered. But I notice nothing, at least for the only game I play (GTA V for PC). The Configuration suggested by IGCC for GTA V doesnt allow the game to start properly, giving always an error. For me this own, taylor-made Graphics Center for my NUC doesnt show any advantage, even if it is supossed to run at the best with my device. In GTA V Configuration inside the IGCC It shows me an active Antialiasing which is the cause for this error, so I have to deactivate it and configure the whole thing manually. Afterwards I dont see an improvement either.


I hope this IGCC gets better and fullfils its purpose with the time, but in my experience the start is really questionable.


About your question: I dont care about the amount of Data Usage as long as I see it offers a function or an improvement.




Hello YMijo,


Thank you for your feedback. It is highly appreciated. 


Wanner G.

Intel Customer Support Technician

A Contingent Worker at Intel

Community Manager

Hi YMijo,


We have been looking into this issue and have some answers we got from the product team, please see below:


Issue: If the data download is used only for game optimizations you should see an improvement after a couple of hundred of MB transferred. But you noticed nothing,

Answer: The Intel GCC team is aware of this issue and that there will be future changes to the API so this will reduce the networking usage.


Issue: The Configuration suggested by IGCC for GTA V doesn't allow the game to start properly, giving always an error. Also, in GTA V Configuration inside the IGCC, It shows an active Antialiasing which is the cause for this error, so you have to deactivate it and configure it manually.

Answer: This is not an IGCC related issue but a driver issue where Antialiasing is enabling forced in the driver. The driver team is aware of this and a fix will also be released in a future driver version. Please keep an eye out for future updates to Intel GCC and future drivers.


Thank you very much for the feedback, it is highly appreciated and please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with.



Ronny G