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Intel Graphics UHD 630 does not update beyond November 2018


Hi there - I would just like to ask a question regarding updating of Intel hardware beyond November 2018 with the new DCH drivers.


I am having issues in not being able to update my Intel Graphics UHD 630 drivers.


I have an Intel i7-8700 processor, 16GB RAM with a fully compatible Gigabyte Z370 motherboard (Socket 1151) - it has been working brilliantly since May last year.


The Intel Driver & Support software would dutifully update my Intel drivers and all has been well - until November 2018.


Whilst I hadn't really paid much attention (as everything has been working) - I noticed that my Graphics driver hadn't been updated since November 2018, and recall a notice talking about "DCH drivers" but didn't pay it much mind.


The bottom line is that since then (Nov 2018), my graphics drivers have not updated and then within the Driver & Support software I noticed the message saying:


Intel update.jpg


(In case too hard to read it is saying "A customised computer manufacturer driver is installed on the computer")


I can assure you there isn't a customised driver installed - I only have used Intel drivers given I built this PC myself - it's not a Dell or Acer or something like that, and furthermore, this has only started since November 2018.


My hypothesis is that since these DCH drivers have been installed, for some reason Windows/Intel are thinking that this is the latest driver, and I almost need to "snap" it out of this detection and manually install the most recent driver.


My current driver is (19 Nov 2018) which I understand was the first of the DCH drivers. I am running Windows 10 Pro (64 bit) build 1903. This scenario occurred prior to my update to 1903, it happened with 1809 as I only updated to 1903 last week. The latest version of the UHD Driver I understand to be, dated 29 May 2019 - significantly more updated than mine, which refuses to budge.


I have not been able to try to force Windows to update it, it simply tells me that the latest UHD Graphics 630 drivers are not compatible and I'm concerned on going down the uninstall driver, re-install driver (whilst turning my internet off to prevent Windows from doing it automatically). - Is this the correct path forward?


The reason I am reluctant is that my PC is functioning perfectly, and playing 4K HDR content beautifully, and I'd hate to make this change and stuff everything up.


I would love to get some validation that the path recommended here:


Is the right course of action and I would also like to understand whether anyone is having the same issue on being unable to upgrade beyond the first DCH version of Intel UHD Graphics 630.


System specification:


Intel i7-8700 CPU

Intel Graphics UHD 630


Gigabyte Z370N Wifi (note, there are no customised DCH drivers for this motherboard for Intel Graphics that I could see)

LG OLED65C7T 4K HDR Dolby Vision TV

Yamaha RXA-3070

Windows 10 Pro (64 bit) Build 1903


Best wishes and thanks in advance!


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  1. There are some problems with the IDSA with the DCH driver update. Please update your driver manually:
  2. Disconnect the Internet connection from you NUC.
  3. Open Device Manager and uninstall the currently installed Intel Graphics Driver (ver. 6444). Check the delete option for uninstalling. You should see Microsoft Basic Graphics Driver instead the Intel Driver.
  4. Reboot your NUC and install the latest DCH driver ver 6890 (previously downloaded):
  5. Reconnect the Internet and reboot your NUC.







Hi Leon - thank you for your quick reply.


Just wanted to point out that as per my initial email, I am not using an Intel NUC (I used to have one). I am using a stock standard Intel i7-8700 (locked) with a Gigabyte Z370N Wifi motherboard - all fully compatible with standard Intel processors.


I assume the above will still work even if it isn't an Intel NUC.


Finally, once I uninstall my Graphics driver, I assume I'll still get video output on my TV/monitor albeit, probably in poor standard resolution.


Can I assume once the above is undertaken, then it will update normally from then on? It would be annoying to have to manually update graphics drivers...


Thanks again, let me know on the above and I'll give it a go over the weekend.


Cheers and thanks,


Super User

Hi Mike,

Sorry for my mistake with the "NUC". My comments where taken from my previous advice for NUC user. Any way if you will read the remarks on the bottom DCH Driver download page, you will find that this driver is applicable to both: Intel i7-8700 CPU and Intel UHD Graphics 630.

I presume that once you will install this DCH Driver and the latest IDSA software, the future updates will go easier. Any way, as for me, I prefer manual update.






Hi Leon,


Just wanted to let you know that I used the above advice and it worked absolutely perfectly.


I now have the updated Graphics software installed and importantly, the Intel Driver assistant now recognises the driver as a non-customised driver:


This was driving me crazy before so really do appreciate your input.


Best wishes and thanks again.