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Intel HD 620 Graphics Driver for Windows 7 64 bit



I have intel i5 7200u and I am currently using Windows 7 SP1 64 bit. I searched everywhere and can't seem to find any compatible driver for me. I found a solution and that is to modify inf but I'm afraid I will break my laptop since I don't really understand it. Could somebody kindly edited the inf and upload it? Only the inf file would be enough.


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Hello Kazafar,

Thank you for joining the Graphics Community.

Bear in mind that your graphics controller only supports Windows® 10 64-bit; therefore, there are no drivers for other operating systems from our end. Regarding modifying the INF file, this is out of our scope so my recommendation is to wait for another user hoping that more information can be added to this matter.


Amy C.

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Where is the Windows 7 64 device driver for Intel HD 620 graphics chip ?
I need it for a fresh installation of Windows 7 64 for Windows Media Center (WMC)

TV DVR, which is built-in with Windows 7 64 ,

to perform //Watch TV//Record TV//Playback TV//Schedule-Record TV//

using a mouse, keyboard and computer monitor, only.


WMC is much more powerful than any Cable industry Set-Top-Box/DVR equipment.

For some reason, Microsoft removed WMC from newer versions of Windows.

This has forced users of WMC to continue using Windows 7 64 till Microsoft/Intel

come to their senses on support for WMC in current versions of Windows.

Thus I am seeking a Windows 7 64 driver for Intel HD 620.

Who is the VP at Intel responsible for the refusal to support HD 620 in Windows 7 64 ?


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Windows 7 is dead and not supported on 7th gen and later processors.  There is no driver for Windows 7.


By the way, Intel does not write the OS, and Microsoft is the one who decided that W7 is not supported and that only W10 was supported on 7th gen and later processors.  


Doc (not an Intel employee or contractor)
[Maybe Windows 12 will be better]

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Microsoft and Intel collaborated on Windows Media Center.

The 2 have had a strong development relationship since the beginning

of this PC industry.

For example, Intel wrote a lot of the Wifi source code which is in Windows.


And they both were involved in obtaining the legal details in the 

1996 Telecom Act which allowed Microsoft/Intel to develop

Windows Media Center with the expectation that the Cable industry

(terrestrial Cable companies, at least) would produce a CableCard with which

they could interoperate.


Windows 10 and Windows 11, as upgrades, are worthless, without Windows Media Center.

WMC is also available in Windows 8, but the customer has to pay a nominal extra fee

for access to the WMC capability, last I checked (years back).

The Windows 7 user interface is much easier to use,

especially for the novice.


Microsoft never promoted WMC.  Thus, the average PC/Laptop user has

no idea what WMC is, let alone its massive advantages over the Cable industry

customer premises equipment.

It is a mystery that Microsoft has run away from this huge TV/DVR functionality.

Maybe the Microsoft/Intel development relationship has become strained.


However, the focus here is Windows 7 64 device driver support

for its own Intel HD Graphics 620 .

Intel must support Windows 7 64 in its set of device drivers,

at least until WMC is fully reinstated into current Windows versions.

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Even if true, it does not matter.  Windows 7 is no longer supported, and only W10 is supported on 7th gen and later processors.


Also, no one is stopping you from running a 6th gen processor or lower. 

Take your W7 argument to Microsoft, and good luck.  If you think Microsoft has  not heard your argument before, you are naive.


Doc (not an Intel employee or contractor)
[Maybe Windows 12 will be better]

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Back to the original question -- who is the Intel VP

responsible for Intel's refusal to support new graphics chips

with Windows 7 64 device drivers.

Could it be the same Intel VP responsible for failure to support WMC

in current Windows OS's ?


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