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Intel HD Graphics audio driver not ouputing digital sound via HDMI

Intel HD Graphics audio driver not ouputing digital sound via HDMI. The image is fine.

The configurations of my laptop is:

- Intel Core i5 M450.

- Intel 5 Series/3400 Series Chipset Family

- Intel HD Graphics (drive version is

- Windows 8.1 update (32 bit). I had windows7, but i upgrade for w8

I tried to update the drive on the intel site but did not work. Look at this message:

Product Detected Intel(R) HD Graphics Current Driver Installed An Intel device was detected but your operating system is not supported by this utility. Please visit Download Center to look for available software.

Some nerd genius heeeeeeeeeeeellllllp me!!!!!!

Sorry for my english, i'm brasilian. This is my second language and I do not write very well.

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Hello THEO,

I am sorry you are having problems with the driver but let me help you.

Based on the information you have provided I would like to point something very important:

  1. At this point the latest drivers we have available for your graphics controller is for win 7 only. You can check this information at the following link:

If another Operating System is used with this controller, the system can lose functionality or special features due to lack of drivers. My best recommendation is to install a compatible Operating System with the system to make sure all components will be working fine.

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