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Intel HD4400 black screen after driver update (ThinkPad x240)

Hi, since June i'm experimenting problems with graphic driver in Windows 10. It occurred the first time during an installation of a Windows' update, since then, even after a clean Windows installation, i can't install any graphic driver, neither the oldest ones, because the screen turns permanently black. The only way to make the laptop's display work is to use the basic Microsoft graphic driver. I tried to install both, the Lenovo's and the Intel's drivers, but the problem persists. Actually, i noticed that the problem doesn't occur connecting the laptop with a vga cable to an external monitor. The problem seems to be that the laptop's display isn't recognized after driver installation, but i can't figure out why. I attach a dxdiag file i made after installing Lenovo's driver, i hope someone could help me.

Thank you.

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Hello frank-21,



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An updated Intel® graphics driver is not required on legacy platforms (e.g. 5th Generation and older) for the new Microsoft Windows* 10 April update (2018). The existing Windows* 10 graphics drivers will continue to work with the April update. Since the black screens started occurring after updating the operating system, Windows 10 Pro build 10.00.17134, our recommendation is that you can revert back to the previous Windows* 10 version.



For a better experience with the latest features introduced with the update, we suggest upgrading the platform with a minimum of 6th Generation processors or better.



I hope you find this information helpful.



Wanner G.


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