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Intel HD630 : Strange/incorrect colors

I just got a brand new laptop, a Clevo p650hp with an intel HD630, and noticed right away that there was a very obvious yellow tint to everything displayed on the monitor. Particularly obvious when compared with my old laptop.

I stumbled onto this thread : which pretty much describes my problem. I tried updating to the latest intel drivers and it didn't work.

The laptop has a LG Display LP156WF6-SPK3 monitor by the way.

i7-7700HQ processor + Intel HD630 with the weird colors :

Old laptop with an i7-4700MQ processor :

You can see that the colors are definitely off with the HD630.

Edit : Just tried restarting the laptop in discrete mode (using the GTX 1060 only) and the odd colors are still present so might not be the intel driver that is at fault...)

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You need to be talking to Clevo to find out what they have done (and/or are going to do) about this problem. It is their problem to solve. Your warranty is with Clevo, not Intel.