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Intel Pentium J5005 Graphics Report


I am currently having the issue of trying to play Rocket League on integrated graphics using the provided Intel UHD 605 Graphics on a Desktop computer provided by Acer, the Aspire XC-830. At the moment, everything works fine on the computer and I've done optimizations to make Windows run more efficiently alongside completely removing all unneeded software so that scrolling through the net and playing games at 1344x768 (65Hz) is easily done at an acceptable personal goal for an FPS rate. It brings me back to why I made this and I've legit tried almost everything to get rid of my issue that is the creation of random freezing and the FPS stuttering it brings along during the games and training sessions. It always happens and I've reinstalled the game and steam a couple times now. I've gone through the hardware, software, applications, windows services, and even all the drivers provided and still no success. To give a percentage on how often this happens while the game is opened, i'd say often 85% of the time. (I have also gone to Pysonix Support and they said that my system is under the requirements but that's not really the case imo and logically, this new computer should handle it considering the hardware specs.)


-Acer Aspire XC-830-EB11

-Only the Intel UHD 605

-EFP w/ VGA Connection used



Windows 10 Home


How to Reproduce:

1. Install Steam

2. Install Rocket League

3. Play / Training

4. Enjoy Freezing and Stutters

That concludes my report, help me asap.

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Community Manager

Hello flamearky,



I understand that you are currently experiencing freezing and stuttering when running the game Rocket League*.



Regarding this, I would like to start by mentioning that I have been running some testings on-site and I can see that if the graphics settings are high, it may stutter and also freeze, however, after staying in a stadium for some time, the FPS is stable at 25 the least. When changing the graphics down to minimum, everything runs over 60 frames.



Please, if possible, take a screenshot of the game when you are running it at max graphics, as well as when you are running it at minimum graphics. Also, please take a screenshot of the normal video settings you are using. Something else, is that we need to know the program or what you are using to measure the FPS in-game.



I hope to hear from you.






David V
Community Manager

Hello flamearky,



I am following up with your case and see that we have not heard back from you.



If you need more assistance do not hesitate to reply.






David V



Intel Customer Support Technician


Under Contract to Intel Corporation