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Intel UHD graphics fried after thermal shutdown?


I have a Lenovo yoga C740 with an i5-10210U cpu. One day I believe the computer did a thermal shutdown while it was under a heavy load. When it booted back up I noticed graphics performance was significantly worse. Programs that I used to be able to use no problem such as games and CAD are unusable now. I did all the usual trouble-shooting steps such as updating windows, drivers, etc. I tried restoring windows and still, no improvement. Benchmarks indicate a problem with the graphics as well. Any thoughts on what it could be? Could the iGPU be fried but everything else is unaffected? I tried the Intel SSU and have attached the results if that helps. Thanks!

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I have seen more problems with Lenovo and their cooling/design than any other system.


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"Could the iGPU be fried but everything else is unaffected?" >> maybe...

There is always possible that an internal component fails due to overheating...

The hint here is that you said that this started after a thermal shutdown (not due to driver or windows updates).... Thermal shutdown is the last resource that a CPU/computer has to avoid damage due to overheating when the thermal solution is unable to dissipate all the heat generarted by the device... Under normal conditions, users shouldn't experience thermal shutdowns.


You're using the generic driver from Intel... reinstall back the driver from Lenovo (it is the driver tested by Lenovo for your system)... but I would say that you should have the system checked by lenovo or request warranty....


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