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Intel needs to start actually communicating with Microsoft.

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I don't understand how there is still such a lapse in communication between Intel and Microsoft that this is still happening:


I just installed for my 11th gen system with Xe graphics and a few minutes later this is what Microsoft automatically replaces them with. This is not an optional update, this happens automatically.

I don't need support or anything fixed. I need Intel to work with Microsoft so that this stops happening.

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Until "Intel will work with Microsoft so that this stops happening", you may disable the automatic driver update in Windows.




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The one and only driver Microsoft has ever removed and replaced with a far older one is Intel's graphics drivers. Microsoft gets these drivers from Intel. Microsoft is installing drivers from November of 2020 on top of new drivers designed to fix and optimize countless games. If Intel has any interest in Xe performing its best, they should communicate with Microsoft about how to avoid replacing drivers that are far newer than the ancient ones Intel gave to Microsoft in 2020.


I am not complaining about any other Intel drivers, now am I? This isn't an automatic driver install problem, this is a specific case where Microsoft consistently replaces Intel's graphics drivers with far older ones.


And for the record, any solution that my mom can't handle (like just disable automatic driver updates) is a terrible one. I obviously know this, I am reporting a problem so that regular people that only know how to search for and install new drivers can get a resolution.

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