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Intel wants to hear your feedback! - Graphics Control Panel

Hello Everyone,

We are interested in improving the Graphics Control Panel, and providing the best possible experience to all of our users.

It is for these reasons that we would like to hear your feedback on ANY aspect from the Graphics Control Panel. Examples:

- Which current features/options you use the most?

- Which ones you hate?

- Which ones you would like to see new?

- Do you like the Graphics Control Panel current look and feel?

Any feedback is welcome (within the realm of politeness and decency ), and with your help we can continue to improve our products.

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Feedback: why on Earth would you remove one of the most useful adjustments ever: gamma?? not being able to adjust it, the screen and colours are crap. It was one of the major features (on the positive side) of the Control Panel and you decide to remove it because of the crappy setting there is in Windows 10-which is the most useless ever. Doesn`t matter how many times I tried to calibrate, it just isn`t the same as adjusting it directly from the Control Panel. Would you mind firing the person who came up with this idea and hiring someone who actually knows how to properly develop the software? Thanks.



We need gamma adjustment to return to the intel control panel. The gamma controls in windows 10 simply does not work - has anyone at intel even tried to use it? The settings never stick. This is very frustrating especially since this was a working feature in your driver and you just removed it.

There is no working alternative. Please add gamma controls back into the driver.


Easy Profile Switching needed:

I am using a NUC6i5SYK as an HTPC. In principle everything works fine. The little machine does its job very well.

My video source material is of different framerates:

- 23.976p

- 50p

- 59.94p

I have set up profiles for the three framerates, so I can play videos to my Panasonic projector with the native framerate to avoid judder.

In order to switch framerate, I have to

- open the Intel Graphics Settings app

- in the app click on profile

- on the profile page select the profile form the dropdown menu

- clock accept at the bottom of the page

- confirm the acceptance

Now that's quite an effort to change the framerate.

In the AMD display driver switching the framerate is much easier:

- right clock on the desktop

- move the mouse pointer to the AMD Catalyst entry

- a dropdown menu opens with the profiles

- move to the desired profile and let go

Intel PLEASE implement something as easy to use to switch profiles.

Or maybe I am simply missing something?

Thank you


hello guys this intel graphics control panel is the worst because it dosent have any option to set Texture Filtering, Antialiasing Gamma Correction, Antialiasing transparency, Anisotropic filtering negative lod bias, compared to other graphics not to nividia but amd has also made their graphics control panel look stylish and have all the features in also their basic graphic the control panel panel looks really good intel control is now worst. i have an intel hd 5500 graphics and i wanted to play gta 5 i know tha it can't run good enough but i can play with doing some settings but the control panel lacks of most of settings and have nothing to do it.I will just request intel to at least make a decent control panel which has all the functions to set not more than that.thanks


Please add support for custom scaling across all Intel HD Graphics chipsets. Below is a screenshot from an Intel HD Graphics system running the latest driver from 12/2017 and *does not have the customer scaling sliders*. This is often needed when displaying a PC via HDMI to a TV. Some TVs have options to fix the screen (deal with PC overscan) but many do not. Custom display scaling is common in even the lower end Nvidia and ATI chipsets. Because I can't fix the image via custom scaling, I have to either purchase a new TV (that deals with PC HDMI signal) or a new PC with a graphics card that supports scaling. A low-end PC with an Nvidia chip would work fine to play media, KODI, 1080p YouTube, etc. vs. purchasing a new TV. Thanks.



i installed this and after clean installing 2 times, i haven't find graphic controller anywhere, this is a bug.

specs= i5 6402p

windows 10 pro 1709

os build 16299.248


Hello - Please consider adding the custom scaling option to Intel HD chipsets - including the lowend. The thread below documents one scenario where custom scaling is not offered on a Celeron system. The Intel HD chipset included that system was built for Atom processes - which are known for being under-powered. However, the Celeron is definitely capable of scaling. The goal of providing custom scaling would enable the Celeron-based systems to connect to TVs and adjust for overscan. Custom-scaling is not a higher end feature - it is basic requirement to adjust for overscan when the TV does not have this capability. Thank you!

/message/528785?et=notification.mention# 528785 528785


Just downloaded for an i7-6822EQ

Please include an install option and or documentation to disable anything and everything game related.

Such as: Options and Support > Preferences > Promotions "disable"

Also document Exactly what this "promotions" entails, whether it uses the internet for anything at all.

And that game(beta) thing needs an off switch too.

I want to script this for installing intel graphics and do not want to have to frob the registry or go looking for random Intel executables downloading adverts for anything. No telling me about updates, all I want is it to work happily and quietly like it always has.

Community Manager

With newer HDR integration/support on Intel Drivers and Windows 10 I think is needed to add some configuration capabilities to Graphics Control Panel.

I would suggest to add:

- Color bit depth: 8 or 10 bits

- Color format: YCbCr 4:2:0; YCbCr 4:2:2; YCbCr 4:4:4;



Hi Ronald,

Thanks for asking for feedback, I appreciate.

In my opinion, the help for using the Graphics Control Panel (say the text that appears when clicking on a question mark) should be much more developped than it is. As I am a beginner, there's a lot that I don't understand and I often don't know which setting I should choose.

Best regards.


Hello everyone,

I would like to thank you for all the feedback, and even though I do not reply to every post, rest assured that they every single one is read and understood.

The information you provide is reaching the right folks at Intel, and improvements should continue to roll.

Best Regards,

Ronald M.


Hello Ronald, I would like to kindly ask you if you could tell us what is the progress for the feature we requested here. I am going to copy this feature to you, its very important for us owners and future owners of 4k screens that this feature will be in near future implemented.


If your technical team need any more information on this feature please visit: Nonblurry (lossless, pixel-perfect) integer-ratio scaling. Best Regards

/* Requested feature */

Owners of modern 4K (and HiDPI in general) displays need nonblurry full-screen scaling at integer ratios implemented on graphics-driver level.

For example, 1920×1080 (Full HD) signal could be output at 3840×2160 (4K) physical resolution with no any blur — just by displaying each logical pixel as a group of exactly 2×2 identical physical pixels. No monitors or graphics drivers are currently capable of that (the scaled image is blurry regardless of whether ratio is integer), so implementing the feature would give Intel graphics solutions a huge competitive advantage.

The feature is very similar to the existing "Centered" scaling mode (available in graphics drivers by all major vendors), just with each logical pixel represented not as a single physical pixel, but as a group of as much physical pixels (2×2, 3×3, etc.) as needed for filling the screen as fully as possible.

For better understanding of what the nonblurry scaling is, please see the web-based demo and the related threads on Reddit, and GeForce and AMD ( 1, 2) forums. Thanks.


Hi Ronald,

I would want more performance options. (since laptops had to struggle with bad fps)

Frequent updates/ a check for updates feature.

Have video quality settings and gaming settings.

Make an option called "Ultimate Performance" and "Ultra Perfromance."

Please make the control panel have more options because Intel Graphics needs more improvements, and the latest chip can't handle modern games.




Sometimes we like to play games on our PCs, it would be VERY helpful if you guys can add to 3D settings so that we can customize game graphics for better performance. For example forcing Vsync off is very much needed (a simple search in forum would result in many users asking for this feature).

- Which current features/options you use the most?

3D settings.

- Which ones you hate?

3D settings.

- Which ones you would like to see new?

3D settings.

- Do you like the Graphics Control Panel current look and feel?


You know if we could buy a high-end graphic card we wouldn't be asking for these features... .


Option to force maximum multiplier regardless of current GPU load. I recently switched from motherboard iGPU overclock to XTU overclocking for the reduced voltage on idle. There is no current way to force max clock (1500mhz) until GPU load is increased. If the driver could detect the windows power plan and disable the adaptive clock, this would be the ideal situation. The issue is certain applications which are sensitive to clockrate are being throttled because the driver thinks it doesn't need the higher clock speed, since the only feedback is GPU usage and not frametime. Currently the driver also ignores the windows power setting which should force maximum clock, but I am not sure. I currently use a program which dynamically changes the power plan based on if certain programs are running, so if the driver could also respond to the current power plan, disabling adaptive clock, that would be great.

Global override to force disable GPU scaling completely. Certain resolutions seem to be invisible to the driver and the driver seems incapable of disabling GPU scaling for these resolutions. Currently I have to scale a 240p-270p in game resolution into a 540p GPU scaled frame, which is then scaled again by the monitor to 1080p. Double scaling is undesirable for many reasons. The GPU scaling is also not even performed by the Intel driver, but the DX11 GPU scalar. In my particular title, when using DX9 instead of DX11, it uses native resolution frame and draws the frame with no scaling. Also I have to delete 1080p, and use a 540p desktop, very inconvenient. Parity with the nvidia driver would allow me to use a 1080p desktop.

As for feedback for the general state of Intel iGPU, I find it would probably be a 100% usable alternative to nvidia/amd if these changes were integrated. The only reason I am even here is the recent EDID support that was added recently, giving some actual usability, giving me some insight into the potential competitiveness against nvidia/amd.

CPU used, 6700k.


After upgrading our PCs here at work, we found that the new version of the Intel Driver (and Control Panel) doesn't have the screen rotation feature. This is a feature which is used occasionally, and it's SUPER ANNOYING that it has been removed.

I speak on behalf of our IT department and we service over 450 computers.

The time that we have wasted installing old driver versions to be able to rotate the screen is insane. We should send you the bill for it. Why remove that feature!?

Please put it back as seen here:

Under the first section (Intel® HD Graphics Control Panel)

While you're at it, bring back the shortcut keys to select a display rotation via hotkey (CTRL-ALT-ARROW). There are many other who also agree with me, like on this thread:



The previous graphics control panels look way better and had more options. I'm currently trying to get a game to play (A Tale in the Desert) on a PC. It runs perfectly on other graphics cards but on an Intel 630, the graphics just lose all the detail and geometry. Having the options that appear to been previously available would be very helpful: How to Access OpenGL* and DirectX* 3D Graphic Settings


After todays Windows10 update I found your newest graphics driver installed.

As I opened the graphics settings suddenly some advertisements were presented on my computer - without permission. I have never allowed you to use my computer for advertisements or even asked for that # !* spam! I found the well hidden setting to opt-out the spam - than this ugly guy with the glass bricks in his face appeared - his mouth wide opened, lookin like he was suffering from a hysterical fit. I hate these exaggerated promo-grimaces I do not want to see them! Is it really necessary to harass your customers with such crap?

Beside these impertinences this half-baked driver does not detect any games on my pc (Intel Core i5-6500) so I can not set anything anymore!

Fortunately I found an old AMD HD7770 so I can play my few games.

Dear Intel, can you pleas stop misusing your users as guinea pigs for your crappy user interface and drivers?

That would really be very very kind!


I'd like a global setting for using CMAA inplace of MSAA.


the control panel intel sucks make something better for real gaming a better desing control panel

I was testing games in 4k with my gaming laptop and the performance of 4k sucks you need to make something better to play game in 4k more stable and more smooth

I have a gaming laptop GE72MVR 7RG APACHE PRO

i7 7700HQ this cpu performance sucks in 4k improve better performance for 4k gaming and ect

improve display the display performance is not the best the fps drops and in resolutions performance feel input lag playing games with diferent resolutions

allow nvidia use the gaming laptop display and not the cpu i7 display I mean if this is possible can improve better performance with the gtx 1070 for gaming

improve hdmi performance hdmi performance sucks when you play in 4k with a hdmi feel very slow and input lag fix that so you can play super smooth and ect

fix in your control panel some feature in the control panel don't allow you to disable or enable for the cpu and other areas fix that

fix detect game when you start a game and you enter to the control panel intel to the gaming beta don't show you the game is running and don't let you disable graphics options or enable other features to control the cpu graphics is possible that this create fps drops

improve and make new features for the 3D area this is the most important part because this detect the graphics and ect of games and other thing for ect

make a new feature to boost fps to the max is very stupid when you move a camara the fps drops wtf is that intel come on

improve to reduce cpu temp

improve turbo boost performance and multitasking

improve all resolutions and hz display

make to reduce extreme noise picture for dark colors and ect

improve blur and judder quality

improve upscaling rendering to improve graphics for games that have bad graphics look better

improve all videos quality up to 8k and performance for ect

improve video setting control panel add new features this are can have more feature /deep colors,deepbit,dinamic colors and ect super deep black ,hdr support ,vr support ,deep pixels quality ,better objects scan ,new picture mode that you can choose or enable or disable

deep contrast ,better clear picture engine and image

make new performance report and bugs and ect so you can detect problems and errors or image and ect and confics with the nvidia too

you need to improve all direct x versions for maximun performance and quality

important I was testing with the intel process diasgnosic and when the texture was running I see that your sdk is incomplete I see that the texture was freezing and having delay when there is a lot of texture at the same times I recommend you make a new sdk software graphic engine that is more smooth and super fast when is processing a lot of millions of objects and texture at the same time so the cpu don't freeze rendering so the graphic engine can run more smooth and stable and process more faster the graphics of the games

improve cpu scrips performance and stavility I mean if the cpu use scrips right

improve network stavility and performance

improve cpu frecuency and performance

prevent cpu performance drops

improve fast rendering engine

improve memory performance

remove fps cap in games

make a new area to see the cpu ghz and information running in real time windows 10 task maneger sucks you can make one better to see cpu full status

anyway just improve the full cpu and graphics engine of all your intel version for real gaming performance and ect

just helping this ideas area to improve intel


I was unable to find other way to write this so I write it here

there is a bug problem in the intel graphics driver assistant I have a gaming laptop msi GE72MVR 7RG APACHE PRO with i7 7 gen but for unknow reason the driver assistant say I have a driver update for intel i7 8 gen you will need to fix this problems

I think the graphics driver assistant is incorrectly develop this driver suppose to scan all hardware and cpu to detect the cpu version you have because incorrectly drivers can damage the windows 10 so you need to fix this so this ( driver i7 8 gen ) do not appear if you have ( i7 7 gen ) I 100% sure that this assistant tool that support to detect the cpu performance ,drops ,direct x performance and ect of the cpu when is running to detect problems and bugs I 100% sure this assistant to scan bugs and driver don't have that is incomplete

so I recommend you make a new profecional driver assistant that can detect bugs ,cpu problems,temp, turbo boost performance, resolution performance and stavility ,graphics performance and fps ,,frecuency and stavility ,detect all core if thy are running full power or have bug ,arquitecture problems or delay ,crash programs ,rendering delay ,upscaling problems performance ,4k or 8k problems gaming ,videos 4k or 8k delay or ect display delay for gaming ect

make the best driver assistant thank you