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Is there a "Standard" for (Normal/Acceptable) Computer Temperatures ??

This has always been a "ehh" topic that is just know by the millions of technical individuals but where is the professional documentation that states this. Laptops especially are experiencing temps higher then what is said to be normal (over 75°C to 100°C), yet many manufactures discard it as being normal within range and do nothing about fixing it. so I need someone like Intel® to tell me in detail where this is a standard for acceptable temps, for 30min use, 2 hour use, what is the max temp when at full load and if it exceeds that temp what does that mean, ranges, explanations, and anything else I could use a complete knowledge base on this topic.


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Hello Lovefire,


Thank you for posting in our Intel ® Community.


I understand that you want to inquire into the temperature's specifications for our Intel ® Processors.


In this case, we do not provide temperature ranges for each processor, as it varies by processor and it will depend on the motherboard specs, processor specs, cooling solution and tasks performed. You can find the thermal specifications for a processor in Intel® Core™ Processor technical documentation.


I hope this helps.


You can also verify the processor's temperature individually by typing the model inour ARK portal.


In addition, these links might be helpful to address your inquiry: Frequently Asked Questions About Temperature for Intel® Processors Troubleshooting Overheating Issues for Intel® Boxed Processor Computer Is Overheating Warning Signs


I hope it helps.





Diego Sanchez Campos.


Intel (R) Customer Support Technician


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Diego S.



Thank you Diego S.

Despite you weren't able to give me a detailed response like I got from another member, your links were very helpful and lead me to to find something I was looking for. You see my issue is I have a MBP that has a bad case of Thermal Throttling between 65°C - 100°C, yet based on my Processor the i7-7920HQ, my T-Junction is 100°, so my laptop shouldn't be throttling until it reaches 100°C. And this is my point and proof I need to throw at Apple.