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Is there a way to enable the Intel 530 driver without seeing the screen?


I have a Dell XPS 9550-100 laptop, running windows 10. It has both Intel 530 and an Nvidia graphics driver. When I turned on the computer today, it displayed only a black screen. I was able to get into the computer by attaching an external monitor and logging on, and found that it was calling the external monitor display #2, and both that and the laptop screen (black) were being driven by the intel 530 driver. I updated the driver, but that didn't help. I then tried disabling the Nvidia driver, but that didn't seem to change anything. So I turned that back on and disabled the intel driver, hoping maybe the Nvidia one would work properly. Now I have a black screen on the laptop and a "no signal" indicator on the external monitor.  Halp!


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When you're talking about a laptop -- and especially those that utilize hybrid graphics (i.e. both the Intel HD Graphics and AMD/NVIDIA graphics engines) -- it is *very important* to use *only* the drivers provided by your laptop vendor. In case like these, it is common for the graphics drivers to be modified to support special features of the laptop design, especially support for switching back and forth between the two engines. When you install the standard drivers from the Intel or AMD/NVIDIA sites, they will not have these modifications and problems will abound. Uninstall both of your drivers and then install the latest available from the vendor's site.


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