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Issue with some downloads offered by IDSA not downloading resolved


Many IDSA users have reported issues with some drivers not downloading or failing. This was due to a change in Microsoft BITS infrastructure that impacted the way IDSA downloaded drivers. Our IDSA team has implemented a fix on our end to handle this change and the latest IDSA version released Oct 14, 2022 should resolve this. Please check in IDSA settings for v22.6.42.2 (it should silently update to the latest version). Thanks for your patience.

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Saw the issue, opened a ticket in the NUC forum, seems to have been fixed on 14 Oct, most times the DSA auto updated by the time i got to them and was working with no intervention needed by me.  Well done Intel, seemless problem fix 🙂

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I downloaded IDSA that your system check said was available and should be installed.

Before I did this, I checked Lenovo website it did not show a new update. 

The IDSA site did I did a clean install; it made the graphics worse and more unstable.

This is a Lenovo M920 with integrated UHD 630 graphics.

I thought I could do a system restore but I do not have that option.

I could do a Windows reset but would lose some of the things Apps, and I am not sure the old drive would be installed.

Is there a way to recover the old driver without system restore, and if I do that would the old driver be installed?

Thank You


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Your system check indicated that IDSA was accessible and should be installed, so I downloaded it.  I checked the Lenovo website before I performed this, but there was no new update there.  I performed a clean install on the IDSA website, which made the graphics poorer and more unreliable.  This Lenovo M920 laptop has UHD 630 graphics built right n. I thought I had the ability to perform a system restore, but I don't. While I could reset Windows, I would likely lose some of my Apps and am unsure if the old drive would be installed. Is it possible to restore the previous driver without using system restore, and if so, would the previous driver be installed? Many thanks Larry

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