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Issues with different versions of drivers


Hi i have a question.

I use i5-11500 with UHD 750, with old monitor 1440x900 resolution and i have a feedback about drivers.

For example:

Driver version has a wider looking image of the monitor and the image looks a bit far away from eyes, it has like wider scale, and has brighter colors. has closer looking to eyes and icons and everything looks a bit bigger, than 1404 driver, the scale looks bigger and a bit closer to eyes. Also colors looking bright. has less bright colors and image looks wider again. has also close to eyes image but colors looks like have some yellowish tint also has closer scale but colors have greyish tint.

drivers starting with 3000 version have yellowish tint on colors and wider image.

And the newest driver starting from 4000 version have also wide image and away from eyes but colors are not bright at all, here definitely something wrong with colors i think.


So the question what driver to choose? It has different affect on my eyes and i'm not really understanding what driver displays image in right way. With wider image and looking more away from eyes. Or driver with image that closer to eyes which looks less wider? And what the thing about colors?


Also i have question about audio drivers that come with all drivers

they named intcdaud.inf and usually have versions,,,

Why do they affect sound on the headphones or speakers, etc? I noticed that it sounds differently if i remove them and leave just original Realtek soundcard drivers. As far as i know these intel drivers are for display speakers, but they affect headphones etc.






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Hello asabovesobelow,  


Thank you for posting on the Intel® communities. I understand that you have some inquiries related to the drivers for the Intel® UHD Graphics 750.

In this case, it is hard to advise which driver to use since each update was made to improve and fix issues and as you noticed they may behave differently. We recommend using the latest one since this one is optimized, however, it is advised only when you are presenting issues with your system.

Also, bear in mind that the same driver may affect different monitors and systems, which makes it difficult to choose a driver version.

If you are not having any issues related to the graphics, you can use any driver that works better for you. You can also try with a different monitor/TV for additional options or check with the monitor manufacturer for any firmware updates.



Deivid A. 

Intel Customer Support Technician 

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i think something wrong happening with colors on new drivers since you added support for choose color bitness and color setting in the intel control panel

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