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Lenovo Carbon X1 with Intel WDDM 1.x Drivers Display Black after Windows update

I spent a day working on an issue and want to share to save folks time. Bottom line, Intel Graphics Drivers WDDM 1.0, 1.1., 1.2, 1.3 automatically updated with Windows and broke the system.

BIOS and Lenovo splash screen showed and safe mode worked fine showing this was not a hardware issue. Windows began to load and the screen went black. I connected an external monitor via HDMI, pressed power for 2 seconds to put the machine to sleep, pressed power again for 2 seconds and it woke up on the 2nd monitor.

In Device Manager, the 2nd (HP w2007) monitor showed up and there was no mention of the laptop physically connected display.

I reinstalled Windows 10 and all was well until the auto-update occurred and I had the same issue.

I installed Windows 7 and all was well until I installed all updates, same issue.

I didn't think this was a display adapter problem because the 2nd monitor worked just fine and it was the monitor that didn't show in Device Manager. Alas, my assumption was incorrect.

After HOURS of selecting which Windows 7 updates to install, nearly 180, I finally narrowed it down. I thought it was a Windows problem, turns out this was an Intel Graphics driver issue.

SOLUTION: I used Revo Uninstaller to remove the Intel Graphics driver program and the system recovers. Sadly, in both Windows 10 and Windows 7, the auto updates would put the drivers back and the same problem recurred. I was finally able to put Windows 10 on and both disable auto updates of drivers and "ROLLBACK" the Intel Driver. This made it so Windows saw it already updated the driver, saw I didn't want it and then wouldn't download again.

ROLLBACK Drivers Link:

Stop Auto Driver Updates in Windows 10:

I hope my pain and posting this helps at least one person.


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Hello, ejeffery.



Thank you very much for sharing your findings with the Intel Communities Team. We really appreciate it. This will be very helpful for another community peers.




Antony S.