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Memória de vídeo de dedicada


Tenho um Pentium g5420 com HD 610, e eu não estou conseguindo rodar nenhum jogo nele, pois a memória de vídeo fica bloqueada em 128mb, sendo que ela consegue ter mais, já mexi na bios para liberar mais, já mexi no registro, e nada funciona, fica sempre em 128mb. Por favor me ajudem, estou louco sem saber o que fazer.



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Your games are too old and/or broken.  Contact the game manufacturer to update the game.

DEDICATED video memory is history.  Your graphics will consume up to 50% of available SYSTEM memory.

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Al is absolutely correct...

  1. The graphics driver automatically allocates and deallocates graphics memory based upon current software needs. There is no longer any need to set a limit - and, in fact, the DCH architected drivers do not support any method - BIOS, Registry or otherwise - for declaring a reservation.
  2. Any game that stops you from playing because it thinks that there isn't enough memory dedicated is, well, broken. This is a bug that the game developers have to fix (and shame on them for building this restriction into their code).
  3. Any of the older graphics solutions that are supported by non-DCH graphics drivers should still have support for setting a higher minimum reservation in the Registry. Remember though that, by making a higher reservation, you are reserving memory that will never be available to support situations where non-graphical software needs more memory to execute (or execute well). This tradeoff is why the reservation capability was removed.

Hope this explains it,


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