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Minecraft GLFW Error 65542 WGL The driver does not appear to support opengl

Hello, i recently contacted intel support, and they said they cannot help me, so my last chance, im asking you. So basically, recently i reinstalled windows, before that until the point that i got checkdisk error everything was fine, then after that i couldn't play minecraft, so i decided to reinstall windows, after i reinstalled windows i started getting the message GLFW error 65542 WGL The driver does not appear to support open gl. my graphics card is Intel® HD Graphics 2500 , processor is intel i3-3240. My graphics card is discontinued in intel. I tried to download opengl32.dll and put it in java folder, it didn't work. I tried downloading intel drivers, but the specifications doesnt meet requirements (its because i chose wrong gen intel). I basically tried everything what i can, recently i tried downloading intel hd graphics 2500 drivers, but when i download it, open the setup, press install, and it just switches off. If anyone got this error and fixed it, it would be really really nice if you help me, because i dont know what to do anymore, im desperate. Thank you.
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Purchase a new(er) machine that supports windows 10 fully.

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