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Multiple Display Expectations of HD Graphics 630

I wish to run three monitors using my newly acquired Acer Aspire TC-780A with 8GB of RAM, with the onboard Intel HD Graphics 630 processor . I have updated the driver and have run the Intel diagnostics with nor error messages resulting. The monitors have DVI and VGA ports. I can satisfactorily run two monitors at a time, using various configurations, but cannot run all three.. The two monitor configurations I can run are:

Setup 1) Monitor 1 connected to the PC using a DVI to HDMI cable, connecting to the HDMI port of the PC. Monitor 2 is not connected, but is attached to a KVM switch accessing other PCs. Monitor 3 is connected via a DisplayLink adapter from the DVI port to USB on the PC. This setup operates satisfactorily, except that I cannot use Monitor 2 (my main monitor) with the Acer PC.

Setup 2) Monitor 1 is not connected to anything. Monitor 2 is connected to the Acer PC through the KVM switch, using VGA. Monitor 3 is connected via the DiskpalyLink adapter from the DVI port to a USB port. This arrangement also works satisfactorily but Monitor 1 is not used at all, making it a waste of wall space.

The setup that I desire, but does not work is: Monitor 1 is connected to the Acer PC via the DVI to HDMI cable.

Monitor 2 is connected via the KVM switch, using VGA.

Monitor 3 is connected using the DisplayLink adapter from DVI to USB.

Essentially Setup 3 is the same as Setup 2 except that Monitor 1 is connected to the HDMI port.

If I plug Monitor 1 into the HDMI port while the system is running, the monitor is recognized and an appropriate display occurs, including identification in the display settings. However, I cannot move my cursor into Monitor 1's screen. If I reboot, then the display of Monitor 1 us garbled, with horizontal lines and portions of the expected display showing. The monitor is completely useless.

Hence my question: I am expecting too much from this graphics processor? If I am expecting too much, what board would you recommend? I have run a similar configuration from an older low-powered laptop over 7 years old with less RAM that did this great!

Any help or comments will be appreciated!

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Monitor 3 is the culprit.

Are three-display configurations supported using a USB display?

No, using a USB display does not support three-display configurations.

source: Frequently Asked Questions About Configuring Three Displays

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