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My graphics device will not initialize


Whenever trying to boot up a game, it tells that the graphics device could not be initialized. Standard laptop, with an Integrated Intel(R) HD Graphics 620, Driver version is Whenever going to update the driver, it tells that it is up to date, yet when going on the Intel website, there's a myriad of downloads, but none of some say they are compatible with the device. Have made sure the computer itself is completely up to date, and that has not fixed anything.

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What is your processor model number?

What is the model number of your laptop?

What version of Windows 10? 1909?

Do you have dual graphics?





My current windows 10 version is 1909 installed on 9/12/19.

My CPU is an Intel (R) Core i3-7100U CPU @ 2.4 GHz

8 GB of ram

64-bit operating system.

GPU is Intel (R) HD Graphics 620.

Computer is HP notebook model 15-ay191ms


It had been awhile since i played any game on this computer (which is my parents because mine is stuck at home) and last time i did use it, around November, it worked perfectly



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You can try using a newer version of the graphics driver package from Intel. I would start by looking to see if newer drivers are available via the HP site. If not, the latest Intel package can be downloaded from here: If the installation of this package fails indicating not validated for this computer, this is an indication that HP may have modified the drivers (in which case, using generic drivers from Intel site may cause customizations to not work). If you would like to proceed anyway, you need to uninstall the existing package (from Apps & Features app, not Device Manager) and then install the new package downloaded from the Intel site. I suggest this process:


  1. Download the latest package from Intel to your laptop.
  2. Disconnect your laptop from the Internet completely. Unplug Ethernet cable and/or disable Wireless.
  3. From the Apps & Features app, uninstall the existing Intel Graphics driver package.
  4. Reboot, keeping Internet disconnected.
  5. Install the new package that you downloaded in Step 1.
  6. Reboot.
  7. Reconnect Internet.
  8. Test.


Hope this helps,