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NUC7PJYH graphics driver for Win10 Pro...


I need a graphics driver for a BOXNUC7PJYH4.  Intel points me to here:

....even though my NUC is NOT that one, Intel still points me there, which is odd.

I download the DCH graphics driver, as that is all that is available.  When I try to install it, the package reports "This installation package is not supported by this processor."

......but......Intel pointed me to this **bleep** driver....

Another thing that is odd, is that the cardboard box and label on the NUC both say this NUC is a NUC7PJYH, but the Intel board ID tool says it is a NUC7JYB:


What's going on?  I'm completely confused now, as different things are saying the same unit has different part numbers. 😞

For now, I am assuming that the box and sticker are correct, and that the BoardID tool is wrong.

Searching Intel for the product code on the sticker on the box - BOXNUC7PJYH4 hoping for a link to the drivers, returns in NO RESULTS!:



Can someone help?  What use is a search, when you can't even search by Intels own **bleep** product code on the sticker on the box?  Sigh.....  I've been trying to simply find the drivers for this NUC all afternoon, and the Intel site just takes me round and around to drivers that are not even for this NUC, so won't work.

I need a link to the drivers specific to this NUC please.

I am stuck with the MS basic driver, at low res with only one of the two HDMI outputs working. 😞

Well, technically, the other HDMI output is working, but it is just a mirror of the 1st one, and Windows 10 does not detect another monitor connected. 😞

EDIT: It seems to have corrected itself!  Windows 10 Pro asked to do a major update - I think one was rolled out recently, but perhaps I am only just getting it now?  Anyway, after a few reboots etc, I now have both monitors working fine, and the graphics ID as Intel UHD graphics 605 - lovely. 🙂

But what a stressful experience this today has been.  Life is not meant to be this hard. 😞

Anyhow, it seems to be working fine now.  Out of interest, are "DCH graphics" something Microsoft perhaps rolled out with the recent major update, and that was what was causing me all the trouble - I needed to upgrade to the latest version of Pro, before the Intel Driver tool would correctly ID the graphics or something?  But at the end of the day, the graphics are now working, so I'll take that!  The Intel driver tool still says the graphics are still "Microsoft basic display adapter", but in Control Panel, the display is listed as the Intel UHD one as above.  The intel tool also says an update is available, but now that things are working, I am unwilling the to let that proceed or it might ruin what is now working!

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