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NUC7i7DNK1E Screen Flicker on HDMI

Just set up a brand new NUC with a manufacture date of May 2018. It comes with 2 HDMI outputs. One works ok and the other has intermittent flicker. HDMI 1 is connected to a regular Dell s2409 monitor with an HDMI to DVI cable. If I use the 2nd port it seems to work fine, the first port will run ok for a few minutes but then flickers off to black then comes back on. Makes me think it's not the cable so I tried drivers, bios etc.

Tried all of the following:

Updated to BIOS 47

Completely Reinstalled Windows 10 / 64 and downloaded updates -- running 1803 build 10.0.17134 Build branch rs4_release

Updated Driver to

Tried to Downgrade to --- windows then updated with a driver from Feb 28 - i believe

Tried to Update to ---

problem persists. Starting to think it is a hardware issue? But then again the windows update is so fresh and this NUC is a newer model perhaps it is a driver issue still. I have never had this problem before and have set up dozens of NUCs. But this is only my second i7.

It will run for several minutes ok so i think it is resolved but then i try a web page or the intel support utility and it flickers off. It is almost usable but then sometimes the flicker is just too much. Physical connections are firm. I'm hesitant to turn this over to a user hoping the driver miraculously fixes itself someday.

Any ideas?

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The problem is only on my HDMI port labeled 'Protected UHD'

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Community Manager

Hello briandci,



I understand that you are currently experiencing flickering problems when connecting the HDMI to DVI cable to the first HDMI port on the NUC.



Regarding this, I would like to begin by requesting an System Support Utility report, this is a report that you can create with our tool, you can download said tool in the link below:



Note: You can attach the report as a text file.



Also, I would like to request, if possible, a picture of the HDMI port labeled as "Protected UHD". I would also like to mention that, to me it looks as a problem with the adapter and the port you are connecting it to, the port seems to be a port dedicated to provide UHD, and the adapter's bandwidth seems to be insufficient to provide that kind of image/resolution.



I want you to please try to connect the NUC HDMI to HDMI straight, and see if the flickering issue continues, this is a testing step necessary to isolate the problem that can be affecting your unit.



Let me know the outcome please.






David V

Thank you, David.

It does seem to be a cable/monitor issue. When I connect this port to other monitors it seems to work ok now. I am guessing the monitor I have is too old and not compatible. It is a Dell S2409 and I checked the label --- manufactured in 2009.

I had the problem on another monitor before but maybe the BIOS update or driver update cleared it. Seems to be working fine now. Thanks

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