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Need help, Intel hd 4600 and nvidia gtx 770m

Hello CS at intel, I'm posting here in hopes that I have better luck that I did with NVidia, after several days and multiple posts still no response, I'm having issues with vsync, Turning vsync on makes my games stutter severely even maintaining 60 fps, I have tried almost every intel hd driver aswell as NVidia drivers and have spent several days working on this issue, I'm playing on a laptop and only have an old square vga monitor to test other outputs and using it to plug into vga which is running directly from the gpu the stuttering issue disappears which leads me to believe that it is on you guys side, since the intel hd 4600 controls the frame output to the monitor.

Is this a known issue and if so is there any hope you guys can get in touch with NVidia to work something out, because from what I've seen this is a fairly common issue, I have found multiple threads with this same exact issue on other websides, if there is any other help you guys can offer please feel free, thanks for taking the time to read this.

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Re: Need help, Intel hd 4600 and nvidia gtx 770m

I am sorry to hear that you have had issues with Vsync feature.

I would need more information in regards to your system configuration:

Operating system version?

Is your operating system 32 bit or 64 bit?

Also, the exact processor model on your system:

Click the Windows icon, and then right-click Computer.

Select Properties.

Find System Type on the Properties window, and then note the processor model.

Does this problem occur with drivers provided by the board or computer manufacturer?

Please make sure to list your games, and I will try to replicate this matter as soon as possible.


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