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No video - Intel HD Graphics


Good night @WannerG_Intel​,

in response to the closed topic (, I'm replying here.

Below is the response I got from Gigabyte (already translated as requested) to the request you asked me to make with Gigabyte, as essw link (

And here is Gigabyte's answer:

10/29/2019 5:56 PM

"Dear mfpr8

Thanks for reaching out about your question.

As you already use the monitor in VGA output and it works most likely the problem is due to facts that are not mentioned previously, incompatibility with the driver, or even the operating system, since the card works with another monitor.



Regarding your suggestions (😞

1.Try using other cables

- I don't know if you remember, but I commented on testing with the AOC 731Fw monitor and its cables on another computer and it worked perfectly, I even commented on the procedure (on computer that is not giving GA-H110M-H video signal) removing Intel HD Graphics 530 and disabling Windows Update, remember I mentioned that it worked perfectly until 10/22/2019? That is, the cables are not the problem.

2. Make sure the correct input (VGA) is selected on the monitor.

- This AOC 731Fw monitor has only one video signal (input) connector, which is a VGA type. This way it is impossible to select any incorrect port as there is only one physical connection for video signal. Not to mention the fact (already mentioned) that on another computer the AOC 731Fw worked perfectly. Another fact (also already mentioned) was the

The procedure I performed (on the computer that is not signaling) to remove the Intel HD Graphics 530 and disable Windows Update, recalls that I commented that it worked perfectly until 10/22/2019.

3. Since another VGA monitor works on the computer, the monitor is most likely causing this problem (bad port, firmware issue, among other options). If that was the problem, when I removed the Intel HD Graphics 530 and restarted the computer, do you remember that the video signal returned normally and lasted until a few seconds after login? And doing the same removal procedure for Intel HD Graphics 530 and disabling Windows Update, remember I had the video signal working perfectly until 10/22/2019?

When I worked for large companies and new computers came to prepare and deliver to users,

Even on Windows 7 computers (in the past), I never needed to install the software that came with the monitors (which came on a sealed CD and supplied by the manufacturer in the same package as the monitor) and never had any video signal problems, not even problems. resolution or image quality on the screen.

If this wasn't necessary for Windows 7 to 10 years ago computers, you don't think it would be even less likely on Windows 10 computers, which have an operating system that is all designed and optimized to automatically find the best and most advanced features. (which include drivers and firmwares)?

These symptoms reinforce the fact that this issue is video driver related. I need a solution from Intel.

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Hello MPrad9,


Thank you for posting on the Intel® communities and for the reference to the previous thread.


After the troubleshooting performed in the first thread (, and considering the processor is a 6th Generation Intel® Core™ i3 Processor, meaning this VGA is no longer natively supported, hence, an embedded converter in the motherboard is taking place in order to allow video output via VGA, this is pointing out the issue to the converter itself (on the motherboard) or to the specific VGA monitor (since another one is working on the computer) as explained before in the previous thread. We kindly recommend you to check this further with the manufacturer of the motherboard and/or the display manufacturer.


Also, since we noticed you have reported the same issue on previous threads, we will proceed to close this new thread and we recommend you follow the suggestion from the previous one (checking for BIOS versions, firmware updates, etc.)


Best regards,


Andrew G.

Intel Customer Support Technician

A Contingent Worker at Intel