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No video on VGA Out "Input Not Supported" - Intel HD Graphics 530


Good afternoon,

Recently positioned as requirement 04372185, I was able to play the video signal on the AOC 731Fw monitor with a generic video driver for Windows 10 on the GA-H110M H DDR3 (V 1.0) card, but it's not day 22/10/2019 no more video signal and the famous message "Input not supported", nothing happened.

Following the recommendations of @WannerG_Intel​ , I contacted Gigabyte Support (pdf attached), qualify me and answer that this is a problem with the video driver (which is developed and released by Intel itself, being so updated to the Gigabyte website) and should ask you to update the video driver (which effectively solves or problem) for this motherboard.

I always recommend buying Intel processors because I believe the quality and performance of this brand and many customers are offered by companies that purchase Intel Core products. Even though it is not an issue involving Intel processors, I am disappointed with this graphics chip and to some extent with Intel so far, as I am at a pace with this unresolved issue and I burn with my client.

How can you tell my customer to buy a new monitor if the AOC 731Fw is working perfectly (and still working on other computers)?

I am bound to lose my client.

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Hello MPrad9, 


To avoid duplication of effort, we will close this thread.


Please refer to the other thread and let us know if you were able to review recommendations provided there.


Wanner G.

Intel Customer Support Technician

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