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Not able to reach 2560x1440 60hz


I tried to use DVI dual link port to connect my monitor with DVI to HDMI cable, but the monitor was not able to reach 2560x1440 60hz. Since there are only VGA and DVI dual link available for my PC, I am not able to use other port to reach 2560x1440 60hz.

I did some research, it seems the Intel HD graphics 530 driver only support DVI single link signal even though the port is DVI dual link. How can I reach 2560x1440 60hz? Please help me.

Monitor: Dell P2416D

PC: HP 280 PRO G2 MT

CPU: Core i5 - 6500 HD Graphics 530.

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Hello brianfu,



Thank you for joining this Intel Community.



As you already know, Intel Graphics drivers for Windows only support DVI Single-link. In this case, you need to contact your system manufacturer to find out if you can achieve 2560x1440 at 60hz with the video outputs your system supports.



It is worth mentioning that the maximum resolution you can get using DVI Single-link and VGA is 1920x1200. This is clearly a hardware, video output, limitation.



Besides, you can experience performance issues when using 3rd party adapters. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that your system configuration will work since a straight-through connection with a cable is always recommended.



Wanner G.