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Periodic computer freezes due to Intel HD 630/610 integrated graphics


There is a board ASRock h110m-hdv r3.0. Hangs the computer during idle time when the monitor turns off Or freezes at the stage of awakening from sleep mode. The latest drivers are installed, the latest BIOS is installed, the latest version of Windows 10 is installed. What can be the problem, I do not understand. It has already been checked several times that freezes occur regardless of the driver and BIOS and Windows. The only visible oddity is a very strange interrupt number. And also at the moment when the monitor goes into standby mode, then in the headphones you can hear how many times a device is turned off. I don’t need any tips for disabling integrated graphics or the like, I want to use the computer to the maximum that it can give. And this very problem is already the 2nd year, if not more. Obviously, the problem is with the driver itself, since there was a similar problem on the other asus H110M-C D3 motherboard, after waking up the monitor, the picture did not appear before reconnecting the monitor cable in the video output connector.Untitled.png

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You need to contact asrock for issues concerning their motherboard and bios.

Also, are you saying the asrock board allows BOTH the intel and nvidia graphics to be active at the same time?


Whatever the case, asrock needs to support you with this.