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Poor performance on Linux with Intel HD 5500


I've tried both opengl drivers (i965 and iris), both X11 drivers (modesetting and amd), some distributions of Linux (MX Linux, Ubuntu, Ubuntu MATE) and I've noticed poor graphis performance of Intel HD 5500 on my laptop Dell Latitude E7250.

First of all, glmark2 result is almost the same as result on much worse Ati Radeon HD 6450 on Dell Optiplex 745 with Core 2 Quad Q6600 (about 260 point on fullscreen 1920x1080).

Secondly, Extreme Tux Racer shows similar fps on Intel HD 5500 as on Ati Radeon HD 6450 (about 100 fps on 1920x1080 resolution).

Thirdly, web performance on acceleration enabled is fine on Ati Radeon HD 6450 and poor on Intel HD 5500 especially on Mozilla Firefox.

Also on Google Chrome, performance is poor, especially on DRI3 (on DRI2 web rendering works better).
What's going on?

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Hello konradk,

Thank you for posting on the Intel® communities.  

I would like to inform you that we will also cover this concern in your original thread.

We are currently working on this and will provide an update in the thread provided above.

We will proceed with the closure of this inquiry to avoid duplicate of issues and efforts.

Esteban D.

Intel Technical Support Technician   

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