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Intel GMA i3-370M poor performance with W10 20H2

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I am getting occasional long freezes (30+ seconds) with this CPU and GMA.

There are no memory issues, no SSD issues, all optional updates have been installed. Temperatures and cooling are not an issue (around 70C under load conditions, idle in low-mid 40s)

Starting in safe mode with Microsoft Basic Display Adapter system does not lock up or freeze.

Satellite C660-22VP ART NUMBER: PSC0QE-05400CEN with BIOS 2.00 (last/latest)

Current Intel Display Adapter


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Your processor and graphics are not supported in windows 10.  Intel has no driver for your graphics.  You are using the Microsoft generic driver which lacks performance and features.

Solution - get a new(er) system.

Doc (not an Intel employee or contractor)

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I disagree. I've used older laptops that still work with this latest incarnation of W10.

This isn't just poor performance, it's proper freezing, locking. First of all the ability to click is lost and then a little later the cursor sticks. It does recover or resume

It's not hardware, it's the driver. It's the inbox driver in 2004/20H2. It is to correct the original post (from 2012).

I ran Kali Linux off a stick and it's much better, no locking at all. Agreed, the acceleration isn't wonderful but a few dropped frames when playing video and no noticeable problems when browsing the web.

Intel QA isn't great for low end hardware on a 'universal' driver. 

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OK I'm going to close this with the following.

I've just installed Windows 8.1 with a KMS key for testing and the same driver build is loaded.

It's under the hood changes to W10 that have caused the issue. It works fine.

I could throw it MS way instead but I reckon there'll be zero response.

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The answer here is simple - there is no updated driver for windows 10 for your processor graphics.  Your processor and graphics are simply not supported.  All you have for windows 10 is the microsoft generic driver, and you are fortunate that it works at all.

Doc (not an Intel employee or contractor)

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@AlHill I'd really like you not to comment on this matter with your misinformation.

The driver may be old but it functions perfectly in W8.1 (and no doubt W7). The hardware has no issues in Kali Linux as suggested / briefly tested.

The only change here is W10 is not a static product in the same way that W8 and W7 are.

So the issue, as I've correctly deduced is that the changes under the hood to W10 have made issues (broken compatibility) with that legacy driver. Driver development is stopped as the product is EOL. I can see no issues performance wise with W7/W8 and W10 up to at least 1809. So something recently changed in W10 has created the problem.

But I can assure you I've used older hardware than that with W10 and it works flawlessly.

MS are still including the driver as part of W10 2004/20H2 so they are not aware that it is broken.

Unless people report it or the telemetry detects the issue (it does not appear to be being logged in the Event Viewer or in the Windows Reliability History) then it is clear that MS have not withdrawn support as the machine still meets the minimum specification for W10.

It is not a matter for Intel, it is a matter for MS (if they feel it is significant enough to bother or within their current roadmap, whatever on earth that may be).

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There is no misinformation from me.  We are talking about Windows 10, not windows 7 or 8.x.   Since you seem to need more than just my statement, here is information you should be able to understand.

Your processor from 2010:

The processor is not supported:

Note:  Your 1st gen processor does not even make the list.

Your graphics are not supported:

Microsoft did the generic driver when W10 was released.   They are not going to enhance, modify, correct, or release another version.

The reality is you are not supported for these discontinued products by Intel.    All you have is peer support (people like me).  I am sorry you do not like the answer, but the truth is you are not helping yourself by staying on a ten year old laptop that has no support.  You will save yourself a lot of time and frustration by moving to supported hardware. 

Doc (not an Intel employee or contractor)


Hello @SJack2

Thank you for posting on the Intel® communities.

We would like to inform you that due to the Intel® Core™ i3-370M Processor and Intel® HD Graphics for Previous Generation Intel® Processors have been discontinued, Intel Customer Service no longer supports inquiries for it, but perhaps fellow community members have the knowledge to jump in and help. You may also find the Discontinued Products website helpful to address your request.

You can verify this product's discontinuance status at the following links:

Please keep in mind that this thread will no longer be monitored by Intel. Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards,

Andrew G.

Intel Customer Support Technician

New Contributor II

@AndrewG_Intel I understand the product is EOL as far as Intel are concerned. 

Microsoft provide your updates when the OEMs do not. I am not disputing whether the product is EOL or not. Microsoft cannot provide updates when you do not. 

Toshiba have not issued updates for this machine in many years.

It is not non-functional with viable OSes, in fact it performs well.

Thank you for your comments.