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Problem with Intel HD Graphics 530 driver

I ​have found the following repeating warning in the Even Log : "Display driver igfx stopped responding and has recovered".

In the Reliability Montitor there is error : device error.

This issue started after Windows Updates of Window 10 installed since November.

My installed driver is : - it is dedicated by the producer Lenovo. The program Intel Driver Support and Assistance has not found any updates. Is there any other option anyhow to install later driver to fix this issue and which driver can be recommended. The processor : Intel Core i5-6400 CPU@2.70GHz, operating system Windows 10 home 64 bit, latest version 1809.

Would appreciate some advices how to fix this issue.

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ELIPE: Thank you for posting in the Intel® Communities Support. We recommend to install the graphics drivers provided by the manufacturer of the computer, those drivers were customized by them to work with your specific platform. What is the model of the motherboard? If this is a laptop, what is the model of it? Since the processor works with Intel® HD Graphics 530, we can always try to install the Intel® generic graphics driver version To try to fix this problem, we can also update the Microsoft* .NET Framework software on your computer: Please make sure that all the latest updates for Windows* are properly installed. Does the issue occur frequently or is it a random issue? When was the last time the system worked without errors? What changes were made since then; driver updates, added hardware, or installed software? You mentioned the problem started right after the Windows* updates from November, just for testing purposes, do you have the option to install an older driver version provided by Lenovo? This is just to confirm if the problem is with driver version: specifically. Do you have the latest system BIOS for your computer? Does the issue happen when your monitor is set to a particular setting? If that is the case, please return the video resolution settings back to a standard refresh rate and color depth to resolve the issue. Regards, Alberto R. Intel Customer Support Technician Under Contract to Intel Corporation

​Hello Alberto R.,

Thank you very much for your attention and reply.

The graphics driver installed is dedicated by my computer producer Lenovo and no update on their suport page.

There is no other driver given by Lenovo suport to this computer ( this current is from 2015...).


Regarding details of my computer below please find the link to OneDrive with detailed system report made by Intel Drivers & Software :!AiyR_5IZGGMExHAwMIAvztvRSWR-


The problem repeating every day after November Windows Updates installed, also now when the new current version Windows 10 : 1809 has been installed. Have not done other software or hardware installations.

Bios is according to the producer Lenovo version specified on their suport page.

Microsoft Net Framework has been updated on 12th December by Windows Update.


Below there is screenshot with the general setting of the Monitor :!AiyR_5IZGGMExHLr7dymNeC4BMpB


I would like to add that have not done any changes in the Monitor settings.


Till now have not made installation of the given by you driver as not sure if it would not cause any other problems.

Shall I try anyhow or you would recommend other solution to fix the problem  ?


I would appreciate your further assistance.

Thanks and best regards,






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if you install this driver , intel control panel wont be available , this beta driver , I already have this driver on i5 7200u 2.71GHz


Hello ELIPE: Thank you very much for providing that information.


The fact that Lenovo does not have a newer graphics driver version available in their web site, it indicates that most likely they are not planning to to release more drivers for this specific platform.

In those cases the process to upgrade the driver is done automatically through the Windows* updates.


The Intel graphics drivers are generic meaning that, as you mentioned, it might or might not work properly with your computer, it will be up to you if you want to install it to try to fix this problem.

If the error message is the only problem with your PC, then we recommend to keep driver version installed since that is the driver version validated by Lenovo.


As an alternative, you can always contact Lenovo support directly for them to provide further technical assistance on this subject:



Alberto R.


Intel Customer Support Technician

Under Contract to Intel Corporation